Zanzibar Travel Tips Season 2

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Last week, I talked about Zanzibar Travel Tips. If you haven’t gotten my not so subtle hints to add Zanzibar, Tanzania to the top of your travel bucket list, here’s another tip. Add Zanzibar, Tanzania to the top of your travel bucket list!! xx

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Zanzibar Travel Tips – What to Do

Why I say that? Because this island has everything that you’ve ever dreamed of. There are endless activities on the tropical island, but here’s a list of our favorites.

  • The Coral Caves

    Located in Kiwengwa are completely terrifying because they’re filled with massive (non-poisonous) spiders and bats, but they’re beautiful in their own right. The tour last only 20-40 minutes, so it’s easy to squeeze in on a day of activities.

    Zanzibar Travel Tips cavebats
    Zanzibar Travel Tips spider

  • Jozani Forest

    The forest has great guided nature walk where you can learn SO much about the Zanzibari vegetation; what can kill you, heal you, what you can eat, and what might eat you J. Just across the street from the national park is a bush forest that’s filled with the endemic, not so shy red colobus monkeys that you can get up close and personal with.

    Zanzibar Travel Tips monkey
    You wouldn’t think so, because these monkeys are wild, but they’re tame and super fun to watch from just a few feet away. A short walk from there takes you to a massive mangrove forest showing off the incredible diversity of landscape on this island. For all three tours it’s about $10/person total.

    Zanzibar Travel Tips redcolobusjozani

  • Stone Town

    Being the ONLY town on the island, it has great markets and tons of great shopping. Keep in mind that bargaining is very much a thing in Stone Town, so don’t ever settle with the initial asking price. Half price is probably still too high!

    Zanzibar Travel Tips cloth stall
    Be sure to grab some freshly squeezed sugarcane juice, urojo (Zanzibar mix soup), and wander the alleys checking out the beautiful hand-carved wooden doors that cover the old town.

    Zanzibar Travel Tips drinksugarcane

  • Prison Island

While in Stone Town, you can take a 20 minute water taxi to Prison Island where you’ll find 75+ giant tortoises walking around, doing their tortoise thing. You can touch them, feed them, and get up close and personal, it’s kind of awesome.

Zanzibar Travel Tips turtle feeding
This little island has tons of peacocks, a cute little bar/restaurant in an old, worn down prison, and a beautiful beach. You can easily spend half a day enjoying the island. Water taxi prices are inexpensive, but you have to bargain. The cost to get into the tortoise party isn’t more than $5-$10/person.

Zanzibar Travel Tips turtle

Do NOT book a half day tour from a travel agency. They will charge you $50-$60 person for the taxi and entrance fee. Just ask any of the long boats on the beach next to the ferry terminal to take you and pay the entrance feel yourself. Note that the boat named “Ladies Free” isn’t actually free to ladies. Boo!

Zanzibar Travel Tips water taxi

  • Kiwengwa Starfish

    One of my favorite things to do is take an old Dhow boat off the north-eastern side of the island in a village called Kiwengwa. If you go just before the tide goes down, your captain will stop the boat on an old, mostly dead coral reef and you can see and (briefly) hold hundreds and hundreds of starfish in every color under the sun.

    Zanzibar Travel Tips star fish
    This will cost no more than $10/person. They’re beyond beautiful. While in Kiwengwa, stop by Zan View Hotel for a drink in their bird’s nest that overlooks a gorgeous village on the beach.
    Zanzibar Travel Tips starfish everywhere

  • The Rock

    Zanzibar Travel Tips the rock
    As I mentioned last week in Zanzibar Travel Tips Season 1, visit The Rock is a must! You can walk to The Rock during low-tide or you can take a tiny little rowboat during high-tide. The food is pretty good, but it’s very overpriced, so we recommend that you go for a beer or glass of wine and enjoy the view.

  • Old Slave Chambers

    Zanzibar used to be a major port to East Africa, which made it a prime place for slave trade. There’s an incredibly depressing, but informative tour of the Old Slave Chambers where they kept slaves waiting to be sold. The museum is small, but it’s very well done and well maintained. The tickets for this only cost a few dollars.

  • Spice Tours

    Spice trade was a major part of the economy back in the day, so they offer really cool Spice Tours through the markets as well as the fields. It sounds lame, but it’s actually quite fun, informative, and the guides are all very cool with great humor. The tours in the fields are donation based, so free of charge. Just be sure to leave a fair tip to your guide!

    Zanzibar Travel Tips changuu island

Thoughts From Chloe

I can’t express how excited I was when I received a message from Adrienne that she would be sharing their journey on my website. Their trips, lifestyles and courage are truly inspiring. And I hope they have inspired you to look at travel differently. Want to find out more about this awesome couple? Follow them on Instagram at @byebyeadrienne & @heyheyandrew and check out their biography.