Why Visit Mexico

why visit mexico snorkling

Ever dreamed of laying on the warm, sandy beaches in Playa Del Carmen or climbing the Great Pyramid in Coba? Well, we did just that – and more! One day we decided we needed a vacation and so we booked a flight and hotel in Mexico and took off. Here’s why visit Mexico should be in your bucket-list.

why visit mexico snorkling

Why visit Mexico?

Out of all the destinations in the world, literally, why did we choose Mexico? Well, we went in June, which is during their summer and the flight and hotel were pretty inexpensive compared to other destinations we were considering. Aside from the trip being cost-effective, we also wanted to go somewhere where my partner could experience a “real” beach again.

why visit mexico brina

Being from Venezuela, the beaches here along the Ottawa River just do not suffice! Not only does Mexico have gorgeous beaches, they also have beautiful historical ruins and natural phenomenons such as their cenotes and the Yal-Ku Lagoon which were amazing sites to see and learn more about.

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What you can do in Mexico?

We went for a 7 day trip, Sunday – Sunday. From where we are in Ottawa, the time difference was only one hour and the flight was quicker than if we were to drive to Toronto! We stayed a hotel right in Playa Del Carmen, not a resort secluded from the city. We actually loved this accommodation so much because we were steps away from shops, restaurants and only a few blocks away from the beaches.

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We got the breakfast-only option for the hotel which worked better for our itinerary than an all-inclusive would have. The excursions we went on all included lunch in the price and we often hit the town at night to find some good eats. We were able to eat when and where we wanted and found some pretty sweet deals too! In Mexico they give you LOTS of guacamole at no extra cost, which is a dream come true considering in Canada it costs you an arm and a leg for a tiny little dollop of some pre-made guac.

why visit mexico welcome

For two days we rotted on a beach, got sun burnt and ate and drank like kings (kings on a budget!). For three days we ventured on some sweet excursions. One half-day was dedicated to Tulum Ruins where we saw what was left of the walled city and swam in the Ocean along the beautiful beach.

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why visit mexico sea view

Another full-day was dedicated to zip-lining through the jungle and exploring an underground cenote (freshwater system) and then bussing over to Coba to explore the ruins and climb the infamous Great Pyramid! The climb was HOT but worth it. We also got to eat a traditional Mayan meal for lunch in a Maya village.

why visit mexico ruins

Lastly, we went on a private tour excursion to Yal-Ku Lagoon where we snorkeled with many fish and took some great photos. We then bussed over to a series of other cenotes and caves and explored the breathtaking sites of the underwater river systems.

brina and marco diving why visit mexico

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Why visit Mexico – Tips and Tricks

If you are going to Mexico either learn some Spanish or bring a Spanish-speaking friend along! We were able to get around so much more effectively with my partner speaking Spanish with the locals (also helps so you don’t get ripped off!). Also bring lots of sunscreen. If you are as pale as I am you will need it!

Reflecting back on the trip we would not have done it any differently. We had a lovely trip away for what felt like enough time to unwind and also explore and learn about the country and it’s history. We had three great days of excursions and two lazy days to soak up some sun. The other two days were travel days and we didn’t do too much other than eat and sleep. We saved lots of money by opting for a hotel instead of resort and only getting breakfast, not all-inclusive. We ate at local restaurants which were inexpensive (and delicious!) and made some local friends in the process.

brina and marco

If you want a relaxing holiday that is fun and affordable, Mexico may just be your cup of tea!

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