Where to stay in Phuket 2019?

Where to stay in Phuket working holiday

Heading to Phuket for your next holiday? Phuket is the perfect summer getaway! It’s also a centralised base to explore various beautiful islands around the area, such as Phi Phi and Railay island. But there’s one important question you must consider before your trip – where to stay in Phuket?

Where to stay in Phuket working holiday

There are dozens of beaches around the island, but each of the main resort areas has a different characteristic and charm. If you choose the right one that matches your needs and preferences, you’ll definitely have a more amazing and memorable vacation!

It’s not my first time coming to Phuket, and if you are wondering, is Phuket worth visiting, you should totally check out the article I’ve written previously about what are the fun things to do in this beautiful island.

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Where to stay in Phuket 2019 – the Nature Phuket

This August, I’ve decided to head back to Phuket again to celebrate my birthday, as well as island-hopping to Phi Phi and Railay. And the resort I stayed in Phuket, the Nature Phuket, went far beyond my expectation.

Where to stay in Phuket view

Previously, I stayed in the Charm Resort Phuket, and the hotel was beautiful, but it isn’t located right next to the beach. So this round, I decided to try out the newest 5-star hotel by the same hotel group, and the experience was just amazing!

Where to stay in Phuket room design

Located just 2 mins walk from the beach, the hotel was brand new, modern and artistically designed. At this 5-star luxury hotel, you have everything you can dream of at a very friendly price.

Where to stay in Phuket beach view

Delux Pool Access

If you stay in Delux Pool Access room like I did, literally the cooling pool will be right in front of you! There are three swimming pool in total, each offering a unique vibe and atmosphere. My room was next to the Beach Pool, so I could admire the tranquility of the beach as I swam.

Where to stay in Phuket swim

There’s also a Fun pool where kids can play around and have a water splash war!

Where to stay in Phuket pool kids

What captivated me the most was the beautifully designed room. Once you step into your room, you will realise how spacious, cosy and modern it is! The bed is super huge and comfortable too.

Where to stay in Phuket bed

There are also benches you can relax right outside of your room beside the swimming pool. Nothing beats having a working holiday like this as a digital nomad.

Luxurious  Spa Pamper

Don’t forget to pamper yourself with the top grade spa too. Once you step into the spa room, you will be surrounded with amazing nature aroma. I tried the traditional Thai massage and it was just superb!

Where to stay in Phuket spa

If it’s the first time trying out Thai massage, don’t be afraid if the expert spa therapist “cracks” your bone. You just have to relax and trust me, your body will feel so light and rejuvenated afterwards!

Where to stay in Phuket herb

5-Star Experience

If you are a gym-goer, there’s also a fully equipped gym for you to do some workout during your holiday. Of course, you can also go for a run at the beach!

Where to stay in Phuket gym

Coming with kids? The Nature Phuket is really kids friendly. Not only do they have kids room, their staff can even help you look after your kids while you enjoy your time around the hotel. How nice!

Where to stay in Phuket kids

Of course, your trip won’t be completed without a good breakfast. That’s why the hotel offers a sumptuous intercontinental breakfast to make sure you’ll have enough great food to start your day.

Where to stay in Phuket breakfast

breakfast Where to stay in Phuket

For myself, I even had dinner in the hotel, and the food quality is just top-notched!

Where to stay in Phuket spa

If you are wondering where to stay in Phuket and are looking for a luxurious 5-star hotel surrounded by mountains and a beautiful beach, consider the Nature Phuket. Let the Nature delight you!

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