What to do in Telluride Colorado MountainFilm

Deep in the mountains of South Western Colorado lies a remote slot canyon that is home to one of the most eccentric and visually awe-inspiring towns in the USA. Pegged as one of America’s “Last Great Ski Towns” Telluride, CO offers an experience unlike any other. This past spring I was lucky enough to make a trip there during one of the most exciting and inspiring weeks in the canyon: MountainFilm in Telluride. Here’s the post about all you need to know about the awesome festival and what to do in Telluride Colorado MountainFilm.

telluride-mountainfilm-viewPC: www.mountainfilm.org

What is Telluride MountainFilm?

Held every Memorial Day weekend, Telluride Mountainfilm is a documentary film festival that showcases nonfiction stories about environmental, cultural, climbing, political and social justice issues that matter. Along with exceptional documentaries, the festival goes beyond the film medium by bringing together world-class athletes, change makers and visionary artists for a multi-dimensional celebration of indomitable spirit. Mountainfilm, which includes interactive talks, free community events, a gallery walk, outdoor programming and presentations, aims to inspire audiences to action on worthy causes. Check out the official website to find out more.

telluride-mountainfilmPC: www.mountainfilm.org

Why is this the best time to go?

Telluride is a town inhabited by people searching for more out of life. In the mornings you’ll find everyone at the local coffee house, slumping back into town after their 5 mile hike or 1,000 foot rock climb. It exudes the term: Badass. One week out of the year, however, it’s placed on steroid when some of the most talented athletes and creatives descend upon the town for the MountainFilm Festival.

That guy sitting next to you at lunch? He just set a record for the fastest freeclimb on El Cap last year. The girl having a beer across from you? A famous photographer who is the first woman captured basejumping from an aerial perspective. It’s electric.

Telluride mountain view

What to do?

While you’re there be sure to take advantage of the incredible surroundings and take a trip up to bridal falls, or one of the other numerous hiking trails that open up right on the outskirts of town. You can also bike along the valley where you can see deer and other wildlife grazing alongside the river that runs through town. If you aren’t feeling up for that, take a gondola ride up to High Camp, and you’ll be graced with views of the entire valley. The outdoor possibilities are limitless.


Telluride mountain

Where to eat?

Anywhere and everywhere. The town consists of one main strip, and is littered with restaurants ranging from pub food to Thai. Each one of them is unique in its own way, and the obsession with sourcing locally means the food is always fresh and delicious. If you really have to pick one place…go to Brown Dog Pizza.

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How much it costs?

Telluride isn’t an easy place to access. Though it does have an airport, no major commercial airlines fly into it. You’ll have to book a flight to Montrose, about an hour away, and then make your way into the town from there. I got my flights for $550, and then a week’s stay at the Telluride Inn cost $1,000. All in all, the trip probably cost around $1800. It was, however, worth every penny.

Telluride mountain morning

The opportunity to explore, generate content, and meet inspiring people within the outdoor world and creative community made this trip incredibly memorable. I plan to make it an annual adventure.

Final thoughts from Chloe

Who doesn’t like festival, especially something amazing like MountainFilm? Like Zach Chmael said earlier, it’s more than just a trip for adventure; it’s an amazing gathering for you to meet creative and like-minded people. I’m totally inspired by Zach’s journey. How about you? Share with us your thoughts and keep the inspirations going!

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