What to do in Hobart Tasmania

What to do in Hobart Tasmania

Tasmania is a very special place, an island rich in history, nature and beauty. You can get there from Sydney by domestic flight. Within 2 hours, you are literally at the end of the world! The best way to explore Tasmania is through driving, and we got our car from Economy Car Rental, which in my opinion offers the best deal among different companies. In this post, you’ll get to know what to do in Hobart Tasmania, the coolest place in Australia in my opinion.

After we got our car, we headed straight to our Airbnb accommodation to put down our luggage. The person who hosted us is called Paul and he is a very great host! The cabin he provided us was very comfortable and clean. (P.S. If you still haven’t signed up Airbnb, you can do so here to get $35 travel credits for both of us. A Win-Win situation!)

What to do in Hobart Tasmania airbnb

The neighborhood was very peaceful, and we saw many wild rabbits around! What’s more, it was only 5 mins drive from a quiet beach. So check out Paul’s cabin if you are planning to stay in Hobart!

What to do in Hobart Tasmania beach

What to do in Hobart Tasmania neighbourhoodCredit: Jeremy Teo

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What to do in Hobart Tasmania – Mt Wellington

When you are in Hobart, you should definitely check out Mount Wellington. The mountain rises to 1,269 metres (4,163 ft) above sea level and is frequently covered by snow. The weather up there was so much colder than expected. Honestly, we didn’t expect Tasmania to be so cooling during summer. And the mountain top was actually cold! We wanted to hike up there at first, but we couldn’t take the cold so we drove all the way up instead. ;p Despite of the cold, the view was rewarding! So get yourself some warm jackets before going up!

What to do in Hobart Tasmania mt wellington top

What to do in Hobart Tasmania mt wellington

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What to do in Hobart Tasmania – Battery Point

After visiting Mount Wellington, it’s time for you to explore the Hobart city center, and Battery Point is not to be missed. One of Hobart’s oldest and most historic areas, Battery Point stands as one of the most authentic ways to step back in time. Buildings made of sandstone have stood since 1830s. It is famed as one of the more exclusive areas and has a number of large, well built homes, apartments, and even historical cottages.

What to do in Hobart Tasmania battery point

What to do in Hobart Tasmania – Salamanca Place

At night, you can go to Salamanca Place for dinner, which is within walking distance from Battery Point. Salamanca Place is a very romantic place, especially at night when the buildings are lit up. You will bound to encounter a few musicians singing with passion. Blending harmoniously with the background, they paint a beautiful picture of Hobart harbor.

What to do in Hobart Tasmania music

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What to do in Hobart Tasmania – Itinerary at a glance:

  • Mount Wellington (Free admission)
    Only in Tasmania would you find so much wilderness and natural beauty so close to the city – 18,000 hectares of it just a 20-minute drive away.
  • Battery Point (Free admission)
    The area is generally known as one of the city’s more prestigious suburbs, with many large and extravagant homes and apartment blocks. It adjoins the waterfront Salamanca area as well as the nearby prestigious suburb of Sandy Bay.
  • Salamanca Place (Free admission)
    Make sure you visit Salamanca Place in Sullivans Cove, the city’s bustling, waterfront heart. Life here in the 1830s was all about industry, but today this picturesque cobblestone square is a destination for food, art, shopping and music.
  • Salamanca Market (Every Saturday)
    The market can be found every Saturday morning, along the historic Salamanca Place. It has an eclectic mix of over 300 stallholders, showcasing the best that Tasmania has to offer. You will find delicious food, artisan jewellery, fine Tasmanian handcrafted timbers, handmade clothing, as well as vintage collectables, pottery, plants and flowers.