1. EmiLyGraYsoN

    Hi..I was looking for Meteora tour and I came across your blog. Where do I find more info about the bus to Meteora?I’m on budget tight planning and might not consider to hire any tour. I’m also not a good hiking person as well.. Much appreciate your help & info. Thanks..!!

  2. Great article to read, i have seen many pictures of this amazing area and now i know some details aswell. The monasteries look amazing pearched u on the rocks. We are yet to get to Greece but its on the list

  3. Kenny T.K. Chow

    When it comes to Greece everyone thinks about the islands in the southern side of the country. That’s nice to know more about some unique places in the central area. The rocks looks spectacular! @ knycx.journeyng

  4. Any UNESCO site would get my attention but Meteora looks particularly remarkable. The monasteries seem to have come straight from the rocks like they were born together since recorded history. It sounds like a challenging, but rewarding effort to reach this stunning place.

  5. megan_claire

    Ever since I’ve seen photos of this monastery on top of a dramatic cliff face I’ve wanted to visit Meteora – the landscapes and the stunning setting for a cultural attraction is such a big draw for me 🙂

  6. I can see from your photos the reason you like to visit this area.The geography is stunning. I think I can see faces in the rocks on your second photo (the one with the map in the lower half). I do find it interesting that there are so many monasteries built on top of hills in this area.

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