Valensole Lavender Bloom – The Most Romantic Place On Earth

Velensole Lavender ballon

I guess it’s everybody’s dream to be surrounded by flowers, particularly lavender. There’s something romantic about it. The purple gives people a sense of serenity, especially when it stretches infinitely and touches the blue sky. If you are looking for a special place like this, Valensole is the one. During the Valensole lavender bloom, it becomes the most romantic place on earth.

Where is Valensole?

Valensole is a small town situated in south of France. It is a lovely traditional village of small Provencal houses set on a hill in very picturesque surroundings, above fields of lavender, almond and olive tree plantations.

Best time to catch Valensole Lavender Bloom?

The best time to visit and see lavender fields in flower is around the last week of June and the first half of July. Make sure you come during the right time to catch the bloom.

How did I get to know Valensole Lavender Bloom?

Every week, I will feature a traveler’s journey on my website. This week, it’s my honoured to feature JC Pieri’s awesome work. I came across JC Pieri through Instagram and I was immediately drawn by his photography, so beautifully and artistically taken. When I talked to him and invited him to share his experience on my website, JC is very kind to let me feature his work. As I was looking through his website, I found this breathtaking place that I wish I were there – Valensole.

So one afternoon, JC decided to pay this place a visit with his girlfriend Maria. Their pictures are so amazing. But it’s his videos that really made my jaw dropped. The mood, the atmosphere and the scenery was so perfectly captured. Watch the video and let me know if you agree with me. 🙂

Apart from lavender, you’ll also be able to see a vast land of sun flowers in Valensole.

JC has been to many amazing places. Check out his website JCPieriVisual to discover more. If you want to find out more about him, check out his biography and follow his adventures on instagram @jcpieri.