Unusual Sports UK – Fun & Cheap Holiday in UK

unusual sports uk matt-heaton-89908-unsplash

There are at least 15 easy ways to reduce your travel expenses according to a Huffpost article by travel blogger Christine Johnson. At the top of the list is looking for free or extremely cheap activities to do. Well, you’re in luck because the UK has a whole lot of those in the form of obscure sports, aka unusual sports UK. Couple this with how easy it is to score super affordable plane tickets, these days and you’re on your way to a truly epic budget UK trip.

unusual sports uk matt-heaton-89908-unsplash

What are Unusual Sports?

As the name implies, obscure sports are non-traditional competitions that you’ve probably never heard of because they don’t get enough mainstream media coverage. A great example would be chess boxing, which alternates rounds of chess and boxing.

chessboxing unusual sports uk

Maxim Shemetov/Reuters

Another cool one is zorbing, which is essentially just an obstacle-riddled race but the competitors are placed inside giant transparent balls.

zorbing unusual sports uk

David W Cerny/Reuters

As for the UK’s unconventional sporting events, on the other hand, there are contests like the World Bog Snorkelling Championship and World Black Pudding Throwing Championship. The former pits competitors against one another to see who can complete two laps—without using traditional swimming strokes—across a 55-metre bog the fastest. The latter has competitors try to knock as many Yorkshire puddings off a 7.6-metre tall platform using black pudding.

Why Unusual Sports UK?

Well, instead of spending a fortune on shopping, overpriced food and all sorts of traditional touristy activities, you could just go to an obscure sporting event, spend maybe four times less money and have a truly unique and exciting experience—which typically comes with more affordable food and free entertainment—without blowing your entire travel budget.

TOE WRESTLING unusual sports uk

Toe wrestling. Darren Staples/Reuters

And, if you want to make things even more interesting, you could also sign up for an event and maybe win some extra cash for the trip home. Sounds like a pretty great deal, right?

But explore ways to stop paying out of pocket as well

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