Best of Turner Falls Park Oklahoma


I want to share this park with you guys because I feel that it is very underrated. This park is very fun and there are endless opportunities for adventure. If you are still wondering what park it is? It’s Turner Falls Park Oklahoma. Located in Davis, Oklahoma, the park has what every hiker loves.

Best of Turner Falls Park Oklahoma waterfall

What’s so great about Turner Falls Park Oklahoma?

There is so much to do in this park that I don’t know where to begin. You can start with the Abandoned historic Castles built in the 1930’s, or swim at the largest waterfall in Oklahoma. Afterwards, you can hike a sight worth seeing trail where there are endless high pointed caves. I highly recommend you to go zip-lining. Yes, ZIP-LINING over the entire park is amazing!

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Turner Falls Park Oklahoma is a great place for Friends, Families and Pets!

Best of Turner Falls Park Oklahoma lonnie

They have cabins that you can actually pre-register for on their website. Have your own tent? Even better! The park offers multiple areas where you can set up your own camp. The best thing about camping?  It’s very cheap and affordable.

The entry fee for entering the park is $5 per person, which is amazingly affordable. Also they have plenty of small diners scavenged around the park for you to choose from. If you have your own grills, you can even set up barbecue by yourself. For those looking for quietness and scenery, travel along side of the running river and enjoy the still beauty of Oklahoma’s nature!

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When is the best time to visit Turner Falls Park Oklahoma?

The best time to visit Turner Falls Park is the summer time. Yes it is hot; but it is very beautiful, it makes the trip very worthwhile in the summer time. You can admire the hike and climb to the caves for the shade. All swimming areas are open which include swimming with the waterfalls. Careful it is deep.

Best of Turner Falls Park Oklahoma swim hole

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Things you shouldn’t miss in Turner Falls Park Oklahoma

  1. Collings Castle 

Ok it is not that abandoned after all. After a few miles of hiking, it becomes extremely easy to find. Built in the early 1930s by Dr. Ellsworth Collings, Dean of Education at the University of Oklahoma, the castle was built from native brick and stone.

Best of Turner Falls Park Oklahoma castle

2. Caving at Turner Falls

I know I mentioned that there were caves that spontaneously pop up around the park, they are so cool! Some of them are so high in the mountains that it is kind of dangerous to get to them. You will see them on top of the waterfall; which makes the climbing even more worth it. There are a lot of caves that you can actually walk into and do fun things like carve your name on the inside of them. Or just enjoy the shade! How cool is that? Have you ever been inside of a cave? It is an amazing feeling and they are so cold!

Best of Turner Falls Park Oklahoma Lonnie hiking

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There’s so much more than I can write…

I actually created a VLOG about this park and recorded every single thing we did at Turner Falls. You can check it out through my website. It was so amazing and fun. Have a blast in Turner Falls Park Oklahoma!

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