Travel Related Fun Around The World

We have always been a little bit fascinated with transport, the different ways we travel, the speed at which we can move now and how technology is advancing those modes of transport every day. From toddlers who beg to be taken on a train ride to the elderly gentlemen collecting facts about their favourite air crafts, there are people all around the world who have a keen interest in power-driven vehicles, the way they work and the places they go. 

Do you remember the first time you got on an aeroplane or a train? Do you remember how exciting that was? Well here are some more travel-related fun things to do wherever you are in the world.

National Maritime Museum

Located in Cornwall, this museum was created in 1992 and has been running events and attractions since then, with a vast range of boats and maritime-related artifacts adults and children alike enjoy their visits here every year. Also being in Cornwall on the coast itself this museum allows you to view the sea yourself! 

British Motor Museum

This museum in Warwickshire has a massive range of cars spanning from as far back as the beginning of motor vehicle history. Whether you’re interested in the old fashioned vehicles and the history behind them, or the fantastic new technology contained in the best and most modern supercars, then you will find something for you here. Did you know that there are even bus shows at the museum periodically too? 

Kennedy Space Center

We can’t talk about travel without including space travel! The Kennedy Space center is impressive for anyone with an interest in space travel or future astronauts, this place is a dream for many people, and you can even book a full tour of the space center too! Get up close to the rockets and see where NASA works, discover the history of space travel and hear all about the space race from the people who know what they are talking about! If you can’t quite make it to the Space Center however you can try the spaceship escape room instead! 

Hot Air Balloon Festivals

We can’t talk about fun travel without mentioning hot air balloons, luckily there are hot air balloon festivals all around the world at various times (usually when the weather is ideal of course), this year there will be a Hot Air Balloon Championship in Poland, the 35th one on the 5th-7th September, if you’ve never witnessed hot air balloons traveling around through the sky before then seeing a large number of them will undoubtedly be a sight to see! 

Whichever event or attraction you decide on, whether they are included in your next adventure or not you’ll agree there are plenty of options if you have a keen interest in travel and transport. Find the childlike wonder that the 4-year-old with a tractor shirt on has and find something fascinating to talk about at your next party!