Top 6 Travel Planning Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Travel Planning Mistakes holiday

When it comes to travel planning, there are plenty of useful resources out there. The trouble is, many of them contain a lot of conflicting information. While most of us love going on vacation, organizing a trip away is enough to give even the calmest of people some serious anxiety. Whether it’s your inflexibility or the curse of indecision, there are many ways that you could sabotage your getaway. With that in mind, here are six travel mistakes that you must avoid. 

Travel Planning Mistakes holiday

Travel Planning Mistakes No.1 – Being Inflexible With Dates

Sometimes, being flexible with your travel dates just isn’t possible. If you’re going away with loved ones or can only get certain days off work, then you could be stuck flying on specific days. However, those dates could cost you big, especially if you’re planning to jet off on a Monday, Thursday, or Friday. Choosing a different day of the week could snag you a serious discount. 

Travel Planning Mistakes No.2 – Ignoring Tight Layover Times

Once upon a time, airlines never sold tickets with short layover times. The reason for this is that they understood the stress and chaos that they could cause. Times have changed significantly over the past few years, meaning that it’s now up to you to check how long your layover is. If a layover time is too tight, then don’t book the flight, regardless of how much money it might save. 

Travel Planning Mistakes travel

Travel Planning Mistakes No.3 – Forgetting About An Itinerary

While spontaneity can be fun on vacation, having a rough itinerary is always sensible. After all, there will be certain attractions that you won’t want to miss. If you don’t want to plan your own trip, then consider booking a tour, with a company like Wheel & Anchor. Alternatively, you could work with a travel agent who should be able to book tickets for the things you want to do. 

Travel Planning Mistakes No.4 – Sticking With Traditional Accommodation

Hotels, hostels, and B&Bs might be popular accommodation options among travelers, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best. There are many others that you could consider for your trip, including homestays, couch surfing, and private apartments. Make sure that you think about your preferences and the type of vacation you’re planning before you decide what to book. 

Travel Planning Mistakes No.5 – Neglecting The Visa Requirements

Traveling the world isn’t as simple as showing up at a country and exploring it. Depending on your destination, you might need a visa to get past the border. Many countries have very specific rules about entry requirements, how long you can stay, and how many times you can visit. To avoid disappointment later, you have to read up on this and apply as soon as you can.


Travel Planning Mistakes No.6 – Packing More Than Needed

Unless you’re moving to your vacation destination, you don’t need to take all that you own with you. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand this and instead stuff their bags with as much as they can. Learning how to pack light will make your travels a whole lot easier. Not only will your bags be lighter, but there’s also less of a chance that you’ll lose something. 

Even a small mistake can cause chaos on vacation, so avoid those listed above.