Travel and Leisure Mexico City

Travel and Leisure Mexico City beaches

Most people who travel to Mexico restrict themselves to Yucatan peninsula and southern Mexico. Therefore, they miss out on one of the most incredible and misunderstood cities in the world – Mexico’s buzzing capital Mexico City. As part of my Master degree, I spent a semester at an university in Mexico City from January until April 2017 and had a wonderful time. Here are the Travel and Leisure Mexico City tips. Hope it can make you see why you should absolutely explore Mexico City.

Travel and Leisure Mexico City beaches

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Travel and Leisure Mexico City – Know the Basics

Visiting Mexico City can be very cheap when it comes to expenses for accommodations, food and sightseeing. Therefore, the city is perfect for every wallet. Mexico City can be visited year-round. The evenings get a little bit chilly in the winter (make sure to bring a light jacket) and days are very rainy in the summer. You’ll also feel the high altitude in your lungs!

Travel and Leisure Mexico City nature

I also feel safe in Mexico City. However, make sure to inform yourself about the areas you plan to visit and don’t walk around as soon as it’s dark – Uber is your best bet to move around the city (it’s super cheap and safe). During the day, you’ll be fine to explore the city centre by foot. Speaking some Spanish is helpful, however, you’ll also always find people who speak English.

Travel and Leisure Mexico City building

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How to spend your days in Mexico City

Mexico City is full of culture, history, delicious food and fun day trips. Start your excursion in the historical centre and visit the biggest cathedral in Latin America (you can even do a tour to the roof which offers great views), overlooking the huge Zocala plaza.

Travel and Leisure Mexico City city

Visit the “Palacio Nacional” and the Aztec ruins right behind the cathedral. Furthermore, make sure to visit the most beautiful building of Mexico City – the Palacio de Belles Artes. You can also visit cultural shows there in the evening! Get the best view on the Palacio from the café in the mall opposite of the entrance. For the best view on Mexico’s skyline, take an elevator to the top of the Torre Latinoamericano.

Travel and Leisure Mexico City view

Walk through beautiful Condesa and Roma – the expat areas – and visit some nice cafés and restaurants. Visit nearby Chapultepec park for a stroll and get up to the castle for a beautiful view on nearby Reforma, Mexico City’s business district. Head to the southern part of the city for the cute neighbourhood Coyoacan and if you’re into art, visit the famous Frida Kahlo house.

Travel and Leisure Mexico City sea

Mexico City also offers some awesome day trips. Spend a day in Xochimilco and discover the beautiful river system on a Trajinera. Spend another day exploring the Aztec ruins of Teothiuacán, where you’ll find some of the biggest and impressive pyramids in Latin America.

Travel and Leisure Mexico City ruins

Spend a day in Puebla – easily reached by bus – to visit the charming and beautiful city center or head to Taxco, to see huge caves and visit the cute city. If you got even more time, think about spending 2-3 days in the beautiful colonial towns San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato, easily reached in a few hours by bus.

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You see – you definitely won’t get bored in Mexico City! Make sure to visit and make sure to stay at least a few days. You certainly won’t regret it!

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Travel and Leisure Mexico City

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