1. I had no idea where Noumea or New Caledonia was when I saw your post. I guess being from the States, the South Pacific is somewhat a confusing mess of unknown Islands to me. But let me tell you after seeing your pics Noumea is definitely on my Bucket List. Swimming on Duck Island looks remarkable. How was the water? Is it warm or a bit cold?

    • Hi Eric, I’m glad the post has inspired you to visit Noumea. This post was written by one of the travel contributors, so I’m not exactly sure how cool or warm the water is. But it looks very amazing to me to dive in. 🙂
      Your bucket list goals look really interesting by the way. I’m sure you’ll have so much fun completing them!

    • Hi Eric,
      I am glad you enjoyed the post! Noumea is definitely a beautiful place to visit and Duck Island was a wonderful place to swim at! The water temperature was perfect! Nothing beats that crystal clear water!

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