Things to do in Colorado in winter

Things to do in Colorado in winter

With the fall of the first flake of snow, Colorado, slowly but surely transforms into a winter wonderland. Outdoor enthusiasts from all over the US and other parts of the world, wait eagerly for their first foray on the powder laden slopes, to hone their skiing, snowboarding, tubing and ice skating skills. After a long day of snow activties, at night, they can have a good rest in private cabins in Colorado and enjoy the coziness with fireplace. Though Colorado is well known internationally for its spectacular mountain beauty and world class recreation facilities, even for those who are least interested for a place to slide down, there is always something else to fit the bill. Some of the popular things to do in Colorado in winter are described here, in order to make the most of your vacation.

Things to do in Colorado in winter

Things to do in Colorado in winter – Enjoy a snowmobile ride

Snowmobiling is an extremely popular sport in the Colorado winters, and can be undertaken by people of all ages, irrespective of ability or past experience. Organized tours are conducted by special operators, who make it a point to impart the basics to every participant.

Things to do in Colorado in winter motor

Some of the tours start at almost 12,000 feet, affording grand views of Fraser Valley and the whole ski area. Even children, between the ages of four and twelve, can have their fair share of fun in the specially designed mini snowmobiles. Other operators offer extended tours, deep inside the Colorado Rockies, over miles and miles of snow laden trails.

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Things to do in Colorado in winter – Go riding on a horse drawn sleigh

If you want to add something very special to your Colorado trip, add a ride on one of the old – fashioned horse drawn sleighs. To make the moment more memorable, get cosy under some warm blankets and dash down the secluded slopes and meadows with the sound of bells jingling in your ears.

Things to do in Colorado in winter horse

Sleigh operators, offer a range of rides to the sound of carol singing as you slide over the snow covered paths. Another popular 45 minute after dark ride, again under a bundle of blankets, ends at a dining eatery serving delicious home cooked food.

Things to do in Colorado in winter – Tube down the hill

The Frisco Adventure Park has an impressive tubing hill, with long 1200 feet long tubing lanes, and facilities to reach the top by lift. A truly enjoyable activity, both for children and grownups alike, tubing can be a lot of fun, especially after a great day of skiing.

Things to do in Colorado in winter Tubing SliderPC: Frisco Adventure Park

Beginners can get to learn the ropes easily, thus making tubing ideal for the entire family. One can even make a child’s birthday special by celebrating it with an hour or two of tubing, finally ending the party at the beautiful Day Lodge in Frisco Adventure Park.

Things to do in Colorado in winter – Take part in the Torchlight Parade

Torchlight Parade, is a much-awaited winter event which commences from the Winter Park resort, amid bonfires, singing of carols and much fanfare. During this gala period, the snow vehicles as well as the skiers are decked up with lights, which when moving down in formation over the mountain slope, is a real visual sight to behold.

Things to do in Colorado in winter hike

The Torchlight Parade procession, with the lit-up riders and skiers in tow, winds down the Lower Hughes trail on Christmas Eve, with Santa and his team. The parade on New Year’s Eve is primarily for parents and children over the age of eight. A spectacular fireworks display marks the culmination of this popular event.

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Things to do in Colorado in winter – Take a trip on the special Holiday Train

Train travel is always a lot of fun, but a ride on the Georgetown Loop Railroad is something out of the ordinary. During the Christmas period, special train rides are conducted, with a Santa doling out presents on board. A lovely light display takes place to the beat of synchronised music.

Things to do in Colorado in winter train

The annual Polar Express ride features waiters serving hot chocolate and cookies and dancing simultaneously. Another popular ride is the Santa Express Train, which caters mainly to children wearing different colored pajamas. With lively Christmas music playing in the background, the kids are showered with gifts from Santa and his helpers.

Things to do in Colorado in winter – Spend time at the Keystone Resort

This picturesque resort is located west of Denver, in Summit County, Colorado at a distance of seventy miles. This world class mountain getaway, within close proximity to the city, is ideal for skiing enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

Things to do in Colorado in winter resort

The Keystone Resort has the biggest night and day ski facility in the whole of Colorado, and is a great place for people learning to ski as well as for intermediate skiers. The long and open runs on offer at the 11640 feet high Decrum Mountain makes for the most perfect skiing place, where skiers can cruise down throughout the day.

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Things to do in Colorado in winter – Visit the Garden of the Gods

For those not interested in skiing or snowboarding, spending quality time during winter in Colorado can become a problem. The Garden of the Gods, near Manitou Springs is a hiking and photographer delight. Just get hold of a map from the visitor center and head out to explore the exquisite rock formations.

Things to do in Colorado in winter ski

Entry to the park is free, and the easy and well-maintained walking paths allow for a great day of exploration. A drive around the loop to the park comes up with some extraordinary scenery and excellent photo options.

Make no mistake, Colorado is not only known for skiing, but many other activities as well, which at times tend to get ignored due to this skiing paradise. From short excursions to overnight stays, a Colorado winter has everything one can dream off.