The Lay Of The (Port)land!

Full of life, vitality, and lots of lobster, Portland, Maine has had a lot of attention in recent years, not just because it’s one of the East Coast’s finest places to escape to, but it has managed to develop into a cosmopolitan and cultural highlight of America. It’s, historically, an icon of the northeast of America but it still boasts an impressive array of breweries and bars. If you are looking for a way to spend a few days in Portland, Maine with a combination of the cultural and the cosmopolitan, let’s provide you with an essential whistle-stop tour.

The Lay Of The (Port)land

If you’ve taken advantage of one of the many cheap flights, perhaps you are looking to get straight to it. But, if you need to rest up, there is a hotel near Portland Maine Airport, the Comfort Inn, which gives you an opportunity to stop, get everything in check, and relax before you head into the city. You could head to the Old Port district and make the most of the historical artefacts of the place before heading off to enjoy the nightlife. Old Port has that distinct New England charm. You can head over to Commercial Street and get that seafood vibe by chowing down on chowder. If you’ve never had chowder before, this may be the dish that turns you on to seafood for life! Gilbert’s Chowder House is a highlight of Commercial Street, giving you the opportunity to take in that casual vibe, while scoping out your next plan of attack.

Food is very much a highlight of Portland, and while it has a great reputation as a food hub, if you are still looking for the best of the best, it could be found in places like Eventide Oyster Co., or Fore Street. Both restaurants provide highlights with an abundance of choice. But even if seafood isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for something a little less fishy, you are able to take in more casual food experiences like Becky’s Diner, or even head to the Holy Donut to fuel you for your next stop.

If you are after a cultural lesson, there is plenty to satisfy your needs. You can head to the Portland Museum of Art at Congress Square, and houses an active rotation of exhibitions. If you’re looking for major works from around the world or are after more local artistry, you are able to get it here. But it doesn’t just stop at this museum, there are plenty of art galleries and boutiques in the streets downtown. The Art Mart on Congress Street provides an abundance of supplies for any budding artist, should you have felt inspired by what you’ve seen!

And if you are looking for a thriving nightlife, there are plenty of cocktail houses and restaurants to satisfy the most ardent of socialites. If you’re looking for something with a vibrant music scene, One Longfellow Square or Blue are two places that provide a variety of styles, from folk to rock, or blues and jazz, which focus on local artists.

It’s most definitely a “Maine” choice for numerous tourists, so why don’t you get the lay of the (Port)land before you get a flight out of there?

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