The Hamburg Germany Travel Guide

With almost two million people, Hamburg is the 2nd largest city in Germany (after Berlin). It is a big city and it is popular because of the harbor, the Reperbahn and much more. Here’s the all you need to know the Hamburg Germany travel guide, which will guarantee you a lot of fun in the city!

If you ever go to Hamburg, you should start your day at the central station. From there, you can easily visit a lot of sightseeing spots in the city.

hamburg-central-stationPC: Panoramio

Hamburg is a really old city with many ancient buildings and architectures. You can easily spot them in downtown as you are leaving the central station. If you enjoy shopping, this is perfect for you. You will find a big shopping passage with a lot of famous international brands like Apple, Adidas and Nike. There are also some smaller brands, stores, restaurants around. For fans of historical buildings, check out the churches and the town-hall nearby.

One of my favorite places is the Alster. It is a huge lake right in the city and a great place to enjoy a beautiful view. Buy a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer, sit down and just relax.

When you are going in the direction to the harbour, you’ll easily notice one of the most beautiful churches in Hamburg – the Michel. It is a huge church and you can go on top to enjoy the city view. Although the stairs are steep, the amazing views on top definitely worth all your effort.

Hauptkirche St. Michaelis in Hamburg im Volksmund der Gro§e Michel genannt PC: Beyerdynamic

The Speicherstadt is also there. In the earlier days, the Speicherstadt used to be trading area. Nowadays, it has transformed into one of the main attractions of the city.


If you’d like to get close to nature, the Stadtpark is perfect for you. There’s also a new botanic garden where you can enjoy the little greenery in the middle of the city.

stadtpark-hamburgPC: Hamburg Prag

But if the city greenery is not enough for you, check out Vierlanden. Another good way to explore Vierlanden and around is to do a boat tour. The tour usually lasts for 4-6 hours, and it will take you through Vierlanden, the habor and downtown of Hamburg. Some tours even go to Alster if you are lucky enough!


For those of you who like to party, we have the Kiez, which has a lot of clubs and bars. Even Charlie Sheen said in an interview that he likes it over there.


There’s also a big market called Fischmarkt which opens every Sunday morning only. At around 4-6 am, people will flock to the market to buy fresh fish and many different kinds of food. If you like to experience the local culture and market, it’s the right place to go. Be prepared for the crowd!


Final thoughts from Chloe

Even though Nico Koch has been living in Hamburg for 18 years, he is still amazed by this beautiful city. Check out his biography here and be amazed by his stories. Have you been to Hamburg before? If you have any questions regarding Hamburg, feel free to comment below or write Nico a message via Instagram. Hope to hear from you soon!