3D2N Tainan Travel Guide

3D2N Tainan Travel Guide

3D2N Tainan Travel Guide

In July 2014, I went to Taiwan with my boyfriend Calvin. It is a very beautiful country full of nature and friendly people. But before Calvin joined me, I went to Tainan alone to explore the Southern part of Taiwan as I heard Tainan is the most relaxing place in Taiwan. And I’m glad that I made that decision, as I found the most friendly place on earth. In this post, I’m going to show you my 3D2N Tainan Travel Guide, and how you can explore the whole Tainan with a smart budget.


Tainan Travel Guide – Where is Tainan?

Tainan is a city on Taiwan’s southwest coast. It used to be the island’s capital from 1683–1887 under the Qing dynasty. But  today it’s known for its centuries-old fortresses and temples rich in history. Unlike Taipei, it’s a very relaxing city with little crowd. You’ll get to see many old buildings you seldom find in Taipei.  Tainan people are a lot more friendly too.


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3D2N Tainan Travel Guide (Day 1)

  • The Tainan Confucian Temple

The Tainan Confucius Temple was built in 1665 and is the first Scholarly Temple ever built in Taiwan. The temple is very well-preserved and remains cultural and solemn even till today.



After visiting the temple, you can go to the nearby primary school nearby to enjoy the beautiful scenery for a while. The architecture is very cultural and scholarly despite the fact that it is just a primary school. Just from the building, it shows the importance of education to people in Tainan.


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  • Hayashi Departmental Store

Hayashi departmental store is one of the most famous historical sites in Tainan. It was known to the Tainan people as “The Five-Stories-House”, founded by Japanese businessman Hayashi Houichi in 1932. Since Hayashi Department Store opened, a modern age of Taiwanese culture began. However, the building was bombed by the United States airplanes at the end of World War II.  After decades of refurbishment, the building was restored and reopened in 2014. Since then it has been transformed into a major tourist destination.



  • National University of Tainan

Later on, you can head to the National University of Tainan, which is famous for its banyan tree. The lush tree was in full bloom when I visited. It was gentle, warm and welcoming – the ultimate personification of people in Tainan.


This beautiful university is a garden by itself. If you slowly stroll along the campus, you can even see the old fortress and artillery from the past.


  • The Golden Beach

In the same afternoon, you can take bus to the nearest beach in Tainan. The beach is very quiet despite it’s summer.


  • Night market

At night, check out night markets in Tainan. The night markets in Tainan are really big and offers a wide variety of food and activities. You can hardly find a night market of this scale in Taipei. Unsure which one to go? Ask your hotel staff and they’ll give you the best advice. 


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3D2N Tainan Travel Guide (Day 2)

  • Anping Tree House

The next morning, set off to Anping Tree House. It used to be a warehouse of Tait & Co, one of the top five trading companies in Anping area during the period of Japanese colonization. Abandoned for many years, a gigantic banyan tree has taken over the warehouse in various ways, including its aerial roots and trunks that have became part of the architecture.


For just 50NT, you get to stroll inside this beautiful creation and marvel how nature harmoniously integrates itself into man-made structures.



There is also a “skywalk” that was built above the tree house. This gives visitors a bird’s eye view of the surrounding area.


  • Anping Old Fort

Nearby the tree house, there’s another attratction you shouldn’t miss – Anping Old Fort. The Fort was built on the foundations of the Dutch stronghold named Fort Zeelandia. It was the anchor point of early settlements in Tainan for both the Dutch and the Chinese, and much of the settlement’s history lies in Anping old street surrounding the fort. Today it served as a museum offering a glimpse of the fort’s history.



  • Hai An Road

After a day tour in Anping district, it’s time to visit Tainan’s most hip district – Hai An Road. The buildings in Hai An Road are adorned with graffiti art and murals, making the district extremely interesting.


When night fell, the alleys in the district lit up. The yellow street lamps cast a gentle glow to the old town. As the result, the street looks even more cultural and mysterious.


That’s basically my recommendation for your 3D2N Tainan Travel Guide. Have you been to Tainan before? Share with us your experience by commenting below!

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Tainan Travel Guide – Itinerary at a glance:

  • Tainan Confucius Temple (Free admission)
  • Hayashi Departmental Store (Free admission)
  • National University of Tainan (Free admission)
  • The Golden Beach (Free admission)
  • Anping Tree House (50 TWD)
  • Anping Old Fort (50 TWD)
  • Hai An Road (Free Admission)