Swissotel Kamala Beach Review – Why it’s the Best Resort in Phuket?

Swissotel Kamala Beach cover

Swissotel Kamala Beach cover

If you are asking me where’s the best resort in Phuket? I can answer with absolute certainty. It’s Swissotel Kamala Beach, without a doubt. Set on the broad sweep of Kamala Bay, on Phuket’s west coast, Swissotel Resort Phuket is two minutes’ walk to the quiet Kamala beach. Away from the buzzing Patong, it’s a perfect spot for a peaceful getaway. Here’s my full of Swissotel Kamala Beach review.

Swissotel Kamala Beach front

Where’s  Swissotel Kamala Beach?

Kamala Beach lies just north of the lights and noise of Patong. It’s a quieter stretch of sand with a more relaxed feel. And the beautiful Swissotel Resort Phuket is just right next to it. A destination in itself, the resort is a 30-minute drive from Phuket International Airport and 15 mins away from Patong Beach, making it an ideal base from which to explore Phuket.

Swissotel Kamala Beach

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Room of Swissotel Kamala Beach

The resort is huge and spacious. Everything is well decorated. Once you step into the lobby, you’ll immediately feel relaxed with the chill ambiance.

Swissotel Kamala Beach lobby

Inside the resort, there are 180 luxurious one to three-bedroom exclusive suites, each with a separate bedroom, living room and private balcony. The design of the room is so classy, elegant with a touch of Thai.

Swissotel Kamala Beach living room

Inside my one-bedroom suite, there is a spacious living room, where you can watch TV, chit chat with your loved ones, or simply read a book.

Swissotel Kamala Beach book reading

The bed room is artistically decorated to match the living room. The bed is big and comfortable, guaranteeing you a good sleep. And the resort staff even made for us a cute elephant using towels. How sweet!

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Swissotel Kamala Beach bed room

Swissotel Kamala Beach elephant towel

The Calming Pool of Swissotel Kamala Beach

The spacious pool is another highlight of the resort. The giant circular-shaped pool exudes a sense of serenity. The pool bar next to it makes it so convenient to order your favourite drink. If your room is located on the ground-floor like mine, this perfect pool is just steps away.

Swissotel Kamala Beach pool

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Breakfast at Swissotel Kamala Beach

The resort offers one of the best international buffet breakfasts. The food is of high quality and there are myriad of choices to choose from. Just look at the amount of food I ate on that day!

Swissotel Kamala Beach breakfast

If you decide to settle all your meals in the resort, there’s actually an one restaurant, which serves three meals a day.The Grab & Go shop includes pre-cooked meals you can reheat and eat together on your suite’s balcony, without the formality of a restaurant.

Swissotel Kamala Beach breafast delight

Kids World of Swissotel Kamala Beach

If you are travelling with children, kids will love this resort. There’s an amusement zone called Kids World, where kids can do a wide range of recreational activities. It’s just perfect!

Swissotel Kamala Beach kids world

Gym of Swissotel Kamala Beach

The gym is huge and the equipment are pretty complete. If you love to work out during your travel, this gym is perfect for you. There are even bicycles outside for rent if you want to explore the area by bike.

Swissotel Kamala Beach gym

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Stepping out of Swissotel Kamala Beach

Keen to explore other parts of Phuket? Then you should seriously consider hiring a car. We hired ours from Budget Car Rental, and the rental was around 1000 baht per day. I strongly recommend the latter option as it’s much more economical to get your own car. Transportation like taxi in Phuket is really expensive, and the attractions are far away. You actually end up saving a lot by hiring your own car while having the chance to explore any parts of Phuket at your own pace!

Is Phuket worth visiting budget car rental

Check out the video below to see the resort up-close!

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The Verdict

Swissotel Kamala Beach is a solid four-star hotel with friendly service and great experience. It’s the ultimate getaway for people who want to get soaked in tranquility. I’ll go back for sure during my next Phuket trip. Book your room online at Swissotel’s official site and enjoy the best rates, guaranteed.

Swissotel Kamala Beach reception

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