Berlin Travel Tips stefan

Who Am I?

Hey! Passion traveler, movie maniac and tennis enthusiast – that’s how I can describe myself. My name is Stefan, I’m 23y/o from Varna, Bulgaria. That’s my university city, where this year will graduate with MBA diploma and also the place, where I live and spent most of my time.

Berlin Travel Tips stefan

How I discovered my passion for traveling? It all began in September 2013 with my trip to Germany with my family. We decided to visit some friends in Erlangen (small city near Nurnberg), but we took our car and explored Novi Sad (Serbia), Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria) and Munich (Germany). It was the first time outside Bulgaria after our short visit in our neighbors Greece year ago. We were excited to observe the European culture and architecture and visit some amazing places.

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After this memorable trip, my travel “lock” to explore more and more was opened, and I’ve started thinking – why not to write about my journeys? Why not people to get inspired by what an amazing opportunity is to discover not only new places, but also yourself. And I saw an opportunity for that. 18 months ago I applied for Erasmus students exchange program in Prague (Czech Republic) for 4 months. I was accepted and since September 2016, I added alongside with the cities I’ve mentioned above, Warsaw (Poland) / Berlin (Germany) / Brno (Czech Republic) / Dresden (Germany) and Bratislava (Slovakia) as my travel destinations.

After my arrival in Prague, I started a blog and posted whatever comes to my head about the city, the people, the transport etc. But then I realized that I can go further. I came back from Prague and bought my own domain, hosted my new blog and so far posted a step by step guide for a cheap trip to Berlin. I will continue providing that kind of guides with hints & tips for other cities, so I’d be happy if you follow me there or on my Instagram / Facebook.