1. I had no idea there were so many things to do on the tiny island of Sri Lanka – and I’ve been there! And this doesn’t even include Sigiriya or the Dambulla cave temple. I HAVE heard good things about the Yala safaris. The dolphin-watching sounds fun too. I think I would also like the ruins at Arundhapura. (Kandy, another former capital, is pretty cool too.)

    • Shashikala Rathnayake

      Hey Harvey! Zinara here, the writer of this post! These are actually pretty less-popular places for tourists. But being a local, these are some of fave places, too, and for an authentic Sri Lankan experience. Hope you get to see Sri Lanka again! Kandy is pretty cool yes haha! I was born in Kandy.

  2. Elaine J Masters

    It’s still as lovely as I remember from my trip there in the 70’s. Back then a few of the beach areas were packed with Euro hippies and I didn’t stay long (so goodby Ella.) I loved visiting the big parks and Columbo is fascinating. Thanks for rekindling the memories.

  3. megan_claire

    Sri Lanka sure does pack a punch for its size! We love authentic nature & wildlife experiences, so appreciate the tip on Elements Beach & Nature Resort in Kappalady – it sounds like the perfect place to start a trip. I love how authentic the cabins look and how they blend in – assuming it’s as eco retreat? I also really want to do a train journey, and had been thinking I would go to Ella, though if it’s become really touristy I would much rather go to Haputal. Thankyou so much for these tips!

    • Shashikala Rathnayake

      Hey Megan, Zinara here! The writer of this post! Sri Lanka sure has a lot to see giving its small size. Elements is indeed an eco resort and sits in a perfect location for kite-surfing. They try to minimize their plastic consumption as much as they can. For an example, inside the rooms, they have glass water bottles instead of the usual plastic ones which I think is a good step.

  4. Such a great itinerary. Would love to do that train ride and stay in Elements Beach & Nature Resort in Kappalady – looks so tranquil and truly magical. A safari at Yala National Park is high on our list as well.

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