Who Am I?

This is Sreerupa! In this beautiful journey called “Life”, I am a creative writer/blogger, photographer, software engineer, travel enthusiast and digital consultant based in Kolkata, India. I can see beauty in every nook and corner of the world, be it luxurious locales or a sea of hungry faces in a not-so-rich country. I try to capture those fleeting glimpses forever and document them so that they never get lost. I try my best to portray my travels as simply and honestly as I possibly can. My tireless endeavor is to kindle the same ecstasy that I feel while traveling in the minds of my readers.

Needless to say, I love traveling and experiencing the unseen and unknown. I am a balanced and economic traveler who doesn’t go to extreme money-saving means as a part of back-packing. I economize my travels but at the same time try to indulge in myself once in a while. Meeting new people, being a part of the cosmopolitan crowd, losing myself in an unknown land are some of my cheap thrills. I love my words and wants to paint a myriad picture with my lens and my pen.

I have traveled almost ten different countries including, United States of America, Mauritius, Germany, UAE, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, different parts of India extensively and 45-50 cities on account of my academic and professional pursuits.

Currently I am the founder and editor in chief of my blog “Safarzaade”.

Find me in Instagram @safarzaade and email me at for any symbiotic venture.

I am an extremely motivated content-writer and love penning travelogues with a story, apart from the usual drills. I am open to creative collaborations with individuals and brands.