South America Travel Tips – How to Stay Safe Traveling?

There are few places on earth as mind-bogglingly beautiful as South America. From the mountainous regions in Colombia to the stunning shorelines in Brazil; it has everything you could possibly want from a holiday. 

Most people will agree that there’s a charm and beauty to this region of the world, but there’s often one thing that puts some travelers off; safety. Generally speaking, this part of the world isn’t any less safe than most other popular travel destinations. But, if you – or your child/sibling – is traveling to South America, then here are a few tips to calm any safety concerns during your South America travel trip.  

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South America Travel Tips 1 – Only travel through genuine companies

Firstly, make sure all of your travel movements go through genuine and trustworthy companies. This means organizing any flights through a proper vendor and organizing any taxis through legitimate companies rather than random guys who pull up alongside you as you’re walking. Your safety won’t be at risk when you use proper companies as you can quickly check online for reviews to quell any safety fears! 

South America Travel Tips 2 – Consider tours

You can enjoy this fantastic continent in so many ways, but there’s one idea that can make your whole experience safer. If you’re wondering how to travel to South America safely, then a tour around different countries is a good option. With a tour, you are part of a group, so you instantly have safety in numbers. Plus, think back to the first point, you’re traveling with a legitimate and trustworthy company. Overall, it’s less likely that you’ll suffer safety issues when you’re traveling with a group of people and stick together all the time. Plus, some tours provide you with safe accommodation, so that’s a nice little bonus. 

South America Travel Tips 3 – Stay in hotels with a safe in the room

Ideally, you don’t want to walk around the streets of Brazil and Argentina with a massive bag on your back. When your bag is on your back, it’s easy for people to pickpocket you before you notice anything is happening. Unfortunately, you keep a rucksack because you don’t want to leave things in your hotel to risk them being taken by the staff! All your fears can be dampened if you just stay somewhere with a safe in the room. Then, you can secure your valuables in the safe, meaning you don’t need to take as many things with you. As a result, a small little bumbag that straps around your waist is all you need to take with you. This makes you less of a walking target for potential pickpockets!

These three tips can help you feel a lot safer during your time in South America. To be honest, all the tips are also relevant to global travel as well! So, if you want help staying safe while you travel, then follow these tips too. South America is such a gorgeous place to go on holiday or to spend months traveling. It has so much to offer, so don’t be afraid to add it to your bucket list when thinking about your next travel destinations! 


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