Scottish Highlands Things To Do

About Sonia

Finding my Roaming Footprint – one breath at a time…

Hiya, I’m Sonia Holloway and I have a love for the simple sustainable budget lifestyle and travel; photography; volunteering; general exploring and everything in-between.  Though my blog and Facebook pages, The Roaming Footprint, are under construction, this hasn’t stopped me from documenting my experiences and travels, and I can’t wait to share with you.

Scottish Highlands Things To Do

The picture was taken at the beautiful Cinque Terre on the Italian coast; a dream come true.

My Journey: I’m an Australian in her mid-30’s who left my home in September 2015 to explore and ‘shed her old skin’.  In my ‘old life’, I completed my university studies and established a career in Corrective Services as a Senior Probation and Parole Officer.  However, during my eleven years of service I was diagnosed with anxiety, struggled with self-worth and self-esteem, and my general health deteriorated; all because of burn out.

So, after having a real hard look at myself and my life, I decided to enroll in a TEFL course.  After completing the course, I found myself teaching English in a remote village in the South of Thailand called Phra Saeng on a 6-month fully supported internship and having the time of my life.

During my time there, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage in Surat Thani. This was an uplifting experience and sparked my passion for volunteering whilst traveling.  Watching the children having fun, learning and smiling were worth everything.

sonia teaching

This picture was taken during one of my high school classes at Phra Saeng.  I miss these characters.

They always made me laugh and smile.

Fast forward to 2017 and I’ve had opportunity to: island hop the Greek Islands; road tripped Albania and Macedonia; volunteered on farms through Italy (through WWOOFing); visited the Iron Lady in Paris; practiced my night photography in London and Glasgow; celebrated new year in Edinburgh; fell in love with the scenery in the Scottish Highlands; and experienced the ANZAC spirit in Turkey.  Boy, do I have some stories to tell….. lol

Looking at what I’ve been able to achieve and tick off my ‘travel bucket list’, I have never forgotten the two promises I made to myself the very day I purchased my one-way plane ticket.  They were: 1) ‘to learn as much as I can’ whilst exploring new places, and 2) ‘step outside of my comfort zone’ and just breath – all whilst on a budget and discovering sustainable ways to life and travel. Daily I strive and work to live up to these two promises.

Scottish Highlands Things To Do icecream

Presently I’m working in the United Kingdom to fund my next exploration and travels whilst my ‘travel bucket list’ continues to grow.  In the evenings, I’m learning about educational development to help create and build my blog and social media platforms and to create a happier and sustainable lifestyle for myself.  In my spare time, I volunteer either in local community gardens or WWOOF at local nearby farms; and go out exploring places/cities/events.

I can’t wait to share my budget travel escapades, my volunteering adventures, the people I’ve met on my journey, reviews and stories, and my photography on my blog and Facebook pages. Here’s one guide I wrote for Scottish Highlands Things To Do. 🙂

Until then, you can find me on Instagram @roaming_footprint

Travel safe, be brave, look after yourself and the mother nature.

Namaste, Sonia