Singapore Backpacking Itinerary

Singapore Backpacking Itinerary sentosa bridge

We wanted to start our trip in Australia but the duration of the flight was so long we decided to make a stopover. After some research we fell for Singapore: the smallest country of South East Asia. Backpackers often avoid this country because the high cost. But in reality, it was not as expensive as we expected. With this blog, we hope we can make you excited about the less touristy Singapore. Hope our little Singapore Backpacking Itinerary can give you some information about how you can visit Singapore with only a small budget.

Singapore Backpacking Itinerary city

By the way, I recently got married in Singapore, and our guests were freaked out by our wedding ideas. Check out the blog post now!

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Singapore Backpacking Itinerary – Where is Singapore?

The smallest country of South East Asia is located South of Malaysia. In addition on the other side she shares her border with Indonesia, divided by the Street of Singapore.

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When is the best time to go?

Singapore has a tropical climate. It is an average of thirty degrees during the whole year. For the best travel time you have to look at the rainfall during a specific period. The rainfall reaches its highest point in the months August until January. February up to and including July are the drier months but even in this months there is still a high chance of rain. Tip: if you have space carry an umbrella with you.

Singapore Backpacking Itinerary sentosa bridge

Best things to do in Singapore

You will definitely won’t be bored when you are in Singapore. Actually there are some cool things to see. Best of all: most are for free. Below we appoint some nice highlights which you can do while you are visiting Singapore.

  • Gardens By The Bay

Walk through the futuristic forest which you can find in the middle of the center. It is also worth it to visit Gardens By The Bay at night. Each day at 7:45 and 8:45 pm you can watch a very cool lightshow in the middle of the forest.

Singapore Backpacking Itinerary gardens by the bay

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  • Walk through the city

A walk through the city is an activity on itself. The skyline of Singapore is really nice. You can also find a lot of huge shopping malls. Every evening at 8 and 9 pm there is an awesome lasershow above the water in front of the skyline. You definitely have to see that one!

  • Botanic Gardens

Visit the Botanic Gardens of Singapore. You can find the urban rainforest which is very unique. There are only two cities in the world where you find urban rainforest.

  • Watch the amazing view at the top of the Marina Bay Sands 

You have to pay 20 dollars when you want to go on the rooftop of the hotel but you get a 20 dollar voucher in return. With that voucher you can get a drink at the rooftop bar. So the amazing view is actually for free.

  • Visit Sentosa Island

Visit Sentosa Island and her tropical beaches is a must if you ask us. You can enter the island in three different ways. The boardwalk to the island is for free and you will see some nice spots on your way to the beach. You can also enter the island by train or cable car. For these ones you have to pay. On the island you can visit the most Southern point of Asia what is actually really cool.

Singapore Backpacking Itinerary sentosa sea

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Singapore Backpacking Itinerary Cost Breakdown

Singapore has the Singapore Dollar. Average we spent $38 – $48 Singapore dollars per person each day. In total we went to Singapore for five days. Below you can see our total cost divided into several categories. After that we give some tips and recommendations regarding these costs.

  • Accommodation $ 160
  • Food and drinks $ 245,80
  • Transport  $ 44
  • Others  $ 4

Singapore Backpacking Itinerary lights


We stayed one night in a private room at the Golden Star Hotel and three nights in a dorm at the Inncrowd Backpackers’ Hostel. We definitely recommend this hostel. They organise free scooter tours two times a week. It’s very cool to explore the city in a different way and to meet some new friends.

Looking for cheap and good local food? Check out the video below!

Food and drinks

Our cost for this category are relatively high. Reason for this is that the cost for alcoholic consumption are including. Alcohol is expensive in Singapore. We spent in total $ 122 in alcoholic drinks. So when you don’t drink, your daily budget drops a lot. For buying food we recommend the food courts which you can find almost everywhere. For a good meal, you just pay between $3 and $5 Singapore dollars.


The MRT-system in Singapore is really good and each attraction is easily accessible. If you stay a couple of days we recommend you to buy a EZ-link card. The card itself costs $12. 5 dollars is for buying the card and the other 7 dollars you can use for travelling. With this card its cheaper to travel than buying loose tickets.

About the Travelers

Bram and Alisha are a Dutch couple. After graduating from university, they decide they wanna explore the world before they settle down. So in the beginning of September 2017 they left their hometown and kicked off their trip. Their plan is to see as many countries as possible and they don’t know when they will end their trip. Wanna follow the cool trip? Take a look at their Instagram-page:

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