Should You Go Whale Watching in Perth?

whale watching perth tail

You are pondering over this giant question – should you go whale watching in Perth? After all, watching this giant gorgeous animal up close is such a cool and YOLO thing to do. But I know your fear. “What if I can’t get to see the whales? What if the yacht stays 2km away from the whale, and all I can catch is just a glimpse of the whale tail? Will I end up wasting my time and money?”

whale watching perth

I had the exact same doubts before. In the past, when I went for this kind of animal watching boat tour in other countries like Japan, I was so disappointed as I never got to see the animals from a near distance. That was why I was quite skeptical about catching a good view when my family decided to go for whale watching in Perth. Nevertheless, we went ahead booking our trip with All Sea Charters as it has a lot of good reviews online. Still, I wasn’t convinced.

Whale Watching In Perth – the Candid Experience

We opted for the morning tour which started at 945am. The first 45 minutes was spent traveling out to the deep water and searching for whales. Occasionally, some people spotted sights of dolphins and got everyone excited. You need to be really quick catching the sights of these agile creatures. But the rest of the time, all you could see was just the bright sun and glittering sea.

whale watching perth yacht

Just as the search seemed endlessly long, the yacht suddenly came to a halt. Two kids suddenly shouted: “The whales are there!”

The next second, I saw the giant tail flapping the water before creating some big splashes. I then saw two big patches of giant green florescent beneath the sea water. “We got two Humpback whales with us. The green florescent patches are the reflections of their white bellies.”

whale watching perth blue

Wow! I didn’t expect meeting one, but now we got 2 whales swimming and playing around us. How lucky! The amazing part was, they were really close to us, sometimes just within 5 meters away. Check out my vlog below for more! (PS it’s in Chinese)

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Apparently, whale watching is popular south of Perth waters because it is an important rest area for southward migrating humpback whales between September to late November, when they can be seen in the area with great regularity.

whale watching perth family

Our tour guide Deanna shared with us that the Humpback whales were migrating back to Antarctica. During the migration process, they will not eat anything as they have fed themselves with enough food before the departure. During the journey, they will surface to the water to breath some fresh air because they are mammals after all. But they can hold their breath for 40 minutes under water. How amazing!

whale watching perth family

If you want to get a clear view of the whales, come to the front of the yacht, where you can enjoy unobstructed views of the gorgeous creatures. Hold on tight when you are in front and enjoy the view! I also have a webpage dedicated to the Best Australia Travel Guide, head there if you are exploring different parts of Australia during your holiday!

whale watching perth selfie

For the next 30 minutes, I caught the two whales playing with each other numerous times, revealing their gorgeous bodies right in front of my eyes. I also learnt so much from my guide Deanna. She is so passionate about educating the people about these creatures and how we can better protect them.

Whale Watching In Perth – Extra Tips for a Greater Experience

  • Bring extra layers of clothes

Because we went there during the middle of the winter, the wind became really cold and strong when the yacht started sailing. So do bring extra layer of clothes to keep yourself warm.

whale watching perth tail

  • Get outside for fresh air if you experience sea sick

Of course, you can choose to keep warm by staying inside the yacht cabin. But if you are not very used to the sea, you can get motion sickness very easily. That’s why I suggest you to stay outside for some fresh air and wear extra layers to keep warm.

All in all, I had such a wonderful time during the tour. I didn’t have a high expectation at first, but the whole experience totally surpassed my expectation. So don’t need to hesitate about whether you should go whale watching in Perth. Go for it and you will love it! If you are also looking for best Perth farmystay, check out my post on the recent wonderful farmstay I had with my family. 🙂

whale watching perth harbour

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