Puripai Villa Thailand – A Place That’ll Steal Your Heart

puripai villa thailand

puripai villa thailand

If you are looking for a place to relax, rewind and rejuvenate, then Pai is the perfect place for you. Last week, I shared with you the best things to do in Pai, the most romantic town in Thailand. And nothing beats staying in the perfect resort at the end of the day. The resort that stole my heart is Puripai Villa Thailand. And at the end of this post, I’m sure it will steal yours too.

Where is Puripai Villa Thailand?

Located in the Northern Thailand and 3 hours drive from the Chiang Mai city, Puripai Villa is surrounded by mountains and nature. A short 10 mins drive will take you to the hippy Pai town, where you’ll find a lot of different cuisines and souvenir shops.

puripai villa thailand entrance

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What I love about Puripai Villa Thailand?

It’s Artistic In Its Design

Once you enter Prupai Villa, you’ll have the feeling that you’ve entered a designer house. Everything is so artistic and thoughtfully designed. The garden, building layout, the walls, the paintings and even the chairs, I’m sure the owner must have put a lot of thoughts into the villa.

puripai villa thailand sofa

puripai villa thailand design

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The Room Is Rustic Yet Modern

Once you step into the room, you’ll realize it’s very different from the normal hotel or resort room. The wood feel is very strong to evoke a sense of nature. I also love the French window, from which you can overlook the beautiful garden.

puripai villa thailand room

Best Things To Do In Pai puripai room

The Garden Is Spacious And Green

You’re going to notice this colour as soon as you enter Puripai Villa – green. The villa is located in the hill, and the garden cleverly used the hill slope to connect the whole villa. In the morning, you can take a stroll down the slope, while admiring the full mountain views at the end of the horizon. As night fall, you can sit on the lawn and star gaze. It’s just so romantic.

puripai villa thailand garden

puripai villa thailand garden view

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The Pool Is Quiet And Peaceful

Nothing beats soaking in a quiet pool and enjoying the mountainous scenery to start the day. The pool is huge and clean. Just by staring at the water, you’ll find yourself calming down magically. The backdrop and the pool also make a really good Instagram picture.

puripai villa thailand pool and beauty

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puripai villa thailand pool view

Breakfast Is Healthy And Delicious

I have to give full credits. Breakfast in Puripai Villa is the best out of so many resorts and hotels I’ve stayed in Thailand. You’ll get to order a main course such as Egg Beneditt coupled with other free flow delights such as fruits and freshly baked toast. The quality of the main course food is high. It’s the kind of standard you can expect from an established café or restaurant.

puripai villa thailand breakfast

What’s more, the setting of the dinning area is just gorgeous. You’ll find yourself being surrounded by vibrant shades of orange, yellow, red and green, making it a perfect spot for photo taking!

Best of Chiang Mai puripai villa

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What Could Be Improved?

As Puripai Villa is surrounded by nature, it’s inevitable that the nature course will come to interact with the villa, welcomingly and unwelcomingly.  I feel that the balcony of the room can be cleaner as bird droppings and spider web can be found on the metal bars. Otherwise, the villa will be perfect.

puripai villa thailand nature

How To Book?

You can either book directly from its official website, or hotel booking sites like Booking.com. Personally I will compare the prices from both end and decide which gives me the best rate. A night for a double bed room cost around 2600 baht, which is less than $80 USD. Where else can you find a 4 star hotel under $80?

puripai villa thailand sunset

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Watch the video and let me know if you would love to stay in Puripai Villa Thiland too!

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Next week, my journey in Chiang Mai continues and I actually got to interact with an amazing creature of Thailand. I learnt so much about this beautiful creature on that day and saw a very playful side in this huge animal. Wondering what is it? Stay tuned for more!