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My best experience until now was to do an internship in Prague, Czech Republic. It was one year ago and it was my first trip alone. I was sent for a placement and to live few weeks in the Europe center. Frankly, I didn’t know what to expect. People told me that Prague was beautiful and that French people didn’t eat well. But what they told me was wrong. When I arrived there, I realised that the word “beautiful”  wasn’t enough to describe the beauty of this city. It wasn’t just beautiful, it was refined, classy and lively. I have never seen a place like Prague. Regarding the food, I was never once disappointed. Everything was so good. If you ever come to Prague for a holiday, here are the best Prague travel tips. There’re many top secrets that an usual tourist don’t know!

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A little background of why I came Prague

I moved in a sharing flat that I found on Facebook, with 3 others girls. All of them come from different countries, Italian, German and Dutch. They welcomed me with opens arms. With their help, I got to meet new friends, party hard and discover the importance of a community.

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I also found a job during my internship. I worked for the Boat Party, a tourist magnet to party. Although I didn’t make  much money, my circle of friends had widely extended!  

Between my internship and my student job, I had quite a lot of free time, allowing me to discover the city slowly. At the end of the internship, I know this city through and through. This is my secret tips that you will not find in any other travel guide!

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Prague Travel Tips Secret 1 – DON’T VISIT THE CASTLE

Castle is presented like the main touristic fascination. But it’s really just a tourist magnet. Visiting it from the outside is worth it, for the view and for Saint-Guy cathedral. But don’t pay for the other guided tours. Instead, I recommend going in what I called “the secret parc” which is the parc of the Czernin palace, situated behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Over there, you’ll find very few people and it’s an ideal place to rejuvenate during spring.

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Prague Travel Tips Secret 2 – TOUR PEDALO ON VLTAVA RIVER

The ride is cheap and beautiful. Trust me, it will make you discover Prague in a different light.

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Prague Travel Tips Secret 3 – VISITING LETNA PARK IS A MUST

LETNA PARK, or Letenské Sady in czech, is the most beautiful place in Prague. After climbing a hundred steps, you can witness a magnificent panorama of the city. Once again, very few tourists know about this place, so you can enjoy some quiet time all by yourself. If you choose your evening right, there may even be a free concert where you can savour the great Czechs beers.  

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Prague Travel Tips Secret 4 – ALL CZECHS BEERS ARE GOOD

Needless to say. Beers are another great products in Prague. That’s why you must get yourself a glass no matter what!

Prague Travel Tips Secret 5 – SHOP YOUR CLOTHES UNDER 4 EUROS

Don’t be surprised when you see there are many stores where you can buy cheap clothes in Prague. They are under 4 EUROS, no joke!


The best time to avoid crowd is to explore the city at night or in the early morning. That’s when you will discover the best of Prague.

Prague Travel Tips

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I highly recommend you to find out more about the Kampa Island, the synagogue of Jerusalem, or the Spanish synagogue or Petrin Tower. They are attractions that tourists barely  know about, but really rich in history and culture. 

Are you fascinated by now? I’m sure you will make rewarding encounters, discover a new lifestyle and gain a different perspective from the trip!

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About the Traveler

I’m Noreen, a french girl who want to become a traveler. I’m 19, and already visited 14 countries to my credit. Travel is in my gene! If you want to find out more about me, you can follow my adventures on Instagram See you soon, I hope so!

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Check out the video below for the top 50 things to do in Prague!

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