All You Need to Know about Phi Phi Island Boat Tour

Phi Phi island boat tour lagoon

To be frank, I didn’t buy into the idea of going to Phi Phi island during my first Phuket trip. After all, it could be just a tourist hype, I thought to myself two years back. This year, I decided to go back to Phuket to celebrate my birthday. And since I had pretty much explored Phuket during my last trip, it was time for me to explore other islands, including the all time famous Phi Phi Island. But I didn’t want to explore the island with tons of tourists around (which Phi Phi is also famous for), I decided to go for Phi Phi island boat tour which could offer absolute exclusivity and serenity.

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Getting to Phi Phi Island from Phuket Island

It’s very easy to get to Phi Phi island from Phuket, all you need is to board a ferry or one of the speedboats available in Rassada Pier.

I highly recommend you NOT ENGAGE any hotel/tour agency to get the tickets, which usually come with hotel transportation pick up. This is because they will charge you more in return, and sometimes they even made mistake for your booking! It’s much faster and cheaper if you just book a taxi to Rassada Pier and buy the ferry or speedboat ticket on the spot.

railay beach in thailand speed boat

But before you leave for Phi Phi island, if you are still wondering is Phuket worth visiting, the answer is YES! Phuket itself has so many beautiful viewpoints to visit. You can check out my article to find out the must visit viewpoints in Phuket.

Phi Phi island boat tour – Sunrise Long-tailed Boat Private Tour

There are many different kinds of boat tour in Phi Phi, but in my opinion, the best is the sunrise Long-tailed Boat Private Tour, as it will allow you to explore an untouched island and appreciate its original beauty without having to squeeze with any tourist.

The tour starts as early as 6am in the morning, when 99% of tourists are still sleeping. It’s the most exclusive, and most customisable tour of Phi Phi Islands you can ever imagined. You can decide where you want to go, or simply let the local captain to bring you to the best spots with ultimate privacy.

After researching on the internet for some time, I came across Five Star Travel and Tours which has very good reviews online.

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The tour company also offers a wide variety of tours around Phi Phi, including a 8-hour morning speed boat tour from Phuket to Phi Phi, how convenient!

But since I was staying in Phi Phi the previous night, I decided to just opt for the 3-hour Sunrise Long-tailed Boat Private Tour, as in my opinion, it’s more romantic, peaceful and it’s also cheaper.  Only about $100 USD for 2 people, for the absolute exclusivity!

Phi Phi island boat tour beach

What to expect during Phi Phi island boat tour?

Our guide picked me up as early as 530am when the sky was still pitch black. The whole Phi Phi island was sleeping and the beach was so quiet. You could only hear the wind and the sound of the waves 🌊

Phi Phi island boat tour sunrise

As the boat started to sail out of the quiet beach, the waves started to get stronger. Depending on the weather and your luck, you may encounter strong waves like I did. So if you are someone who will get sea-sick easily, do remember to take some medicine before going on the trip. But trust me, after the boat sail through the open sea into the clear bay area, the waves will calm down and it’ll your time to enjoy!

Phi Phi island boat tour ocean

The first stop was near the Phi Phi lagoon to admire the sunrise. But as the weather was too cloudy during that time, the sun was blocked by the cloud. But that didn’t dampen our mood, as the surrounding views were just gorgeous.

Phi Phi island boat tour attraction 1 – Emerald Lagoon Enchantment

Our long-tailed boat sailed gracefully into the lagoon, and suddenly, I found myself being surrounded by emerald green water. The tiny islands cast their reflections in the water, making the whole view look even more spectacular.

Phi Phi island boat tour lagoon

My guide stopped the boat in the middle of the lagoon, so I could slowly take in the beauty and take as many pictures as I like. It’s seriously the most instagrammable moments in my whole trip.

“Are you ready for some snorkelling?” Our guide asked with a bright smile.

“Yes of course!” I replied excitedly.

He said: “Let’s go to a place with beautiful corals and colourful fishes.”

Phi Phi island boat tour attraction 2 – Snorkelling in Crystal Blue Sea

In less than 10 minutes, our boat stopped again. After anchoring the boat, the guide helped to tighten my life jackets and passed me the snorkelling gears.

Phi Phi island boat tour snorkle

As I jumped into the crystal blue sea, I immediately discovered so many colourful fishes around me. Yellow, blue, red… you name it. And the corals, so giant and so vivid! It was really magical to be surrounded by beautiful sea creatures and the clear blue ocean.

Phi Phi island boat tour snorkle sea

Phi Phi island boat tour attraction 3 – Private Beach Access

After having so much fun snorkelling, I finally got tired and went back to the boat. My guide then steered the boat towards another direction. He cheered: “Let’s go to a quiet beach to take some more photos.”

Phi Phi island boat tour private beach

Once we got there, I was so amazed that only another boat was there. It was so serene, so splendid and so welcoming. The sand was so soft and white, and I had so much fun doing all kinds of jump shot!

Phi Phi island boat tour jump

Phi Phi island boat tour attraction 4 – Monkey Bay

Time to go to see some cute little monkeys! There’s a bay named Monkey Bay and as obvious as it sounds, it’s ruled by the monkeys. My guide even brought some fruits over to feed the monkeys, so that I could take some close up photos! How nice!

Phi Phi island boat tour monkey

Phi Phi island boat tour attraction 5 – Small Shark Bay

Believe it or not, there’s a bay where a lot of mini sharks swimming around. Those sharks don’t bite and they only eat fish, so there won’t be any problem if you go down to the sea and take a swim with them. 🙂

Phi Phi island boat tour ocean

I didn’t do so as I was running out of time, but I highly recommend you to give it a try! Just imagine sharks swimming beside you!

Phi Phi island boat tour attraction 6 – Viking Cave

Before heading back to Phi Phi main island, we stopped by the famous Viking Cave. For only 300 Bhat visitors can view the famous and majestic Viking caves of Koh Phi Phi. Towering at the northeastern end of the island, images of long boats have been intricately inscribed along the inside walls of the caves, and many parts are covered in colored chalk. Legend goes that these drawings are the work of pirates and are more than one thousand years old. Watch out for the enthralling sight of many swiftlets roosting in the caves.

Phi Phi island boat tour viking cave

So next time when you visit this beautiful island, remember to book a Phi Phi island boat tour. This will definitely be one the most memorable experience for your Thailand trip!

Of course there are also other things to do in Phi Phi island, that’s why you should take your time to fully enjoy this island, before hopping to Phuket or Railay beach in Thailand.

Phi Phi island boat tour beauty