1. Elaine J Masters

    The natural beauty around Seoul is formidable. I’d love to visit those trails and see those views. Very cool about dressing in the traditional costume. I’m not sure a Western California girl would fit in but it would be fun and to walk around the historic areas too. Now how to set up to visit for a week?!

  2. Kate-Frankie Brennan

    So much to do in and around Seoul that I had no idea about before reading this post. Hanbok experience looks so fun but I do worry that I would look strange as a British person in the outfits. I didn’t realise there were palaces and national parks so close. I love to try and hike when I go away so this would be perfect. Look at those autumnal landscapes too! Beautiful colours. I absolutely need to visit. I expected a busy city but places like Nami Island look so peaceful and completely different. Thank you for such an informative and inspiring post

  3. Holly

    I have been trying to get to Seoul for 2 years but something always comes up. Hopefully next year. I love the idea of renting the outfit and taking photos. Never thought of that but I will keep that in mind.

  4. megan_claire

    Fabulous itinerary – I would love to get to Seoul at some stage – really great tip on starting out by getting a local SIM. Staying connected seems to be more and more important these days! I would love to have a hanbok wearing experience – I visited Japan this year and rented a Kimono for a day to wear out sightseeing – it was an incredible experience, and made for some great photo opps!

    Nami Island looks beautiful – it’s funny, I think of Seoul as one of the biggest Asian cities, but didn’t realize there was so much opportunity to spend time in nature – thanks for changing my perception! I’m a big nature enthusiast so Seoraksan would definitely be on my list too.

  5. Lara Dunning

    I don’t know much about Korea and from reading your post I can tell there is a lot of sights that would be of interest to me, especially the nature and culture oriented activities you did. I think I would opt for spending more time in the National Park – lovely! Fall is my favorite season, and I loved seeing all the colors in your photos.

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