Nami Island in Autumn & Garden of Morning Calm/Sponsored by Trazy

Nami Island in Autumn gold

You must have heard so much about Nami Island in Autumn, one of the most famous places near Seoul made popular by the Korean drama Winter Sonata. You may be wondering whether you should go, since there are bound to be a lot of tourists and taking public transportation there is such a hassle. I had the same thought as you too. I usually don’t want to visit places flooded with tourists. But this time, I couldn’t resist to witness Nami Island’s charm by myself. To make my journey easier, I decided to engage Trazy for Nami Island and Garden of Morning Calm day tour. 

Nami Island in Autumn gold

And I made the right choice. Traveling with Trazy is so easy and hassle free. What’s best? I got to explore two beautiful destinations in one day. Here’s what you can see from Nami Island in Autumn.

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Nami Island in Autumn – The Most Amazing Colour

In my opinion, Nami Island is exceptionally beautiful in Autumn. Everything turns gold and red. With the brightly lit sun, the magical island glitters beautifully. That’s all I can say. Words can’t really describe the beauty and serene nature of this island.

Nami Island in Autumn garden of morning calm picnic

Depending on the timing you visit, you may be able to see yellow Ginko trees at its peak. I didn’t manage to see it in Nami Island, but I was lucky to another type of golden charm.

Nami Island in Autumn garden of morning calm beautiful

My fiancé Calvin and I spent a good 4 hours wandering around Nami Island and admiring its serenity. It’s indeed a romantic place to visit as a couple, no wonder Winter Sonata chose this little island as the filming location.

Nami Island in Autumn ginko

Surprisingly, the crowd wasn’t as bad as we expected. In certain parts of the island, it was almost empty, perfect for photographers like us.

Nami Island in Autumn leaves

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Nami Island in Autumn – The Drone Beauty

Guess what? We even brought our DJI Mavic Pro along. In fact, we purposely bought this awesome drone for this trip! Mavic is really stable and easy to use. Just look at its amazing video I took with Mavic. 🙂

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Flying a drone is extremely fun and exciting. You do have to be careful of birds though, as birds are very sensitive towards the high frequency noises made by drones. They may come to attack your drone if you are not careful. Our brand-new Mavic was nearly killed during its first take off! What a close shave…

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Nami Island in Autumn – The Other Cute Charms

Did you know that there’s a small ostrich farm in Nami Island? I had no idea before I visited this place. These animals looked really hungry to me. They kept on coming to us despite they had a full tub of food in the shelter. Maybe they are craving for some human food as well? :p

Nami Island in Autumn farm

When it comes to food, you should definitely try out this famous Pan-Fried Rice Cake! Wondering where to find it? Just look out for the longest queue! The delicious rice cake is filled with red bean paste and goes for just KRW 1,500 ($1.5USD). The pancake was crispy and crunchy to the bite, combining with the velvety red bean paste to form a delicious blend of flavours. It’s definitely worth the hype!

Nami Island in Autumn garden of morning calm rice cake

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Garden of Morning Calm Autumn

Around 45 mins drive away from Nami Island, there lies a secret charming garden. Many people often visit Petite France together with Nami Island, as they are very close together. But I chose to venture further with Trazy and went to Garden of Morning Calm instead.

Inspired by Korea’s nickname, ‘The Land of the Morning Calm’, the garden focuses on the country’s natural beauty and showcases floral arrangements and landscaped gardens built in harmony with the surroundings.

Nami Island in Autumn garden of morning calm afternoon charm

The garden has different sections you can enjoy. There are sections for trees, for flowers, for forest, for stones and for waters. In autumn, the garden offers breath-taking scenery of fall foliage. The blue sky and yellow and red leaves make a picturesque contrast.

Nothing beats overlooking the magical garden from the top. Our Mavic came to use again to capture all the amazing moments that can’t be usually seen. I really appreciate the garden during the autumn, but apparently, the beauty of The Garden of The Morning Calm never fades all through the year.

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Trazy Tour – Nami Island & Garden of Morning Calm

If you are a person who enjoys travel convenience and wants to cover both destinations in one day, Trazy is perfect for you. For just around $50USD, Trazy will take care of you throughout the trip (including entrance ticket) with their professional tour guides who speak good English. Our guide Harry was really helpful and he even helped us to find the best spot to take photos.

Most importantly, it really saves you the hassle of figuring out your way to get to these amazing destinations. All you need to do is to report to the designated pick-up subway station (Myeongdong, Hongik University or Dongdaemum station) in the morning. At the end of the tour, the bus will send you back to pick-up location. It’s that simple!

If not, a single trip to Nami Island via subway and bus from Seoul will take more than two hours. If you want to visit Garden of Morning Calm within the same day by public transportation, it’s almost a mission impossible.

Nami Island in Autumn garden of morning calm serenity

I firmly believe that Namiseom Island and Garden of Morning Calm are one of the best places to visit when you want to see gorgeous autumn foliage in Korea. In the next post, I will introduce another beautiful spot to see autumn foliage near Jeonju, where you can experience Naejangsan autumn charm. Stay tuned!