1. Simply gorgeous. How lucky that it wasn’t busy the day you went. It’s obvious to see why Naejansan is a must-see, but I honestly didn’t know about it until I stumbled upon your post. Lucky find indeed. The place is amazing, the guides seem friendly and informative, and Jeonju Hanok’s classical past sounds immersive.

  2. Vyjay Rao

    Naejangsan National Park looks so beautiful. The colours of autumn seem to have bedecked the park in divine colours that seem to cast a spell on visitors. Hiking in these beautiful environs is something we would absolutely love. You have provided some invaluable information that will stand us in good stead while planning a trip to this lovely place.

  3. megan_claire

    Naejangsan National Park looks so beautiful – LOVE the fall colors! I’ve just returned from Japan, and it was such a treat walking through the city streets, being greeted by a symphony of autumn colors. Looks like it’s an equally beautiful time of year for Korea.

    Thanks for the tip on day tours with KoreaTravelEasy – sounds like a great way to maximize your day. Love how authentic Jeonju Hanok Village is too – what a cool place to visit – so much historic charm!

  4. Holly

    I love tea, so that would be great to have on a cold day. Love the fall foilage is so nice. I really want to get over that way. I hope to soon.

  5. Tracey Best

    This a great guide! I haven’t considered going here before. Your photos are beautiful too! Thanks for the read.

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