Hiking in Hehuanshan – The Best Of Mt Hehuan

Hiking in Hehuanshan

Mt Hehuan

Before you make your way to Taroko National Park (check out Taroko Gorge blog post if you haven’t), make sure to stop over at Mt Hehuan, as it was the one of the tallest and most beautiful mountains around the regional. It’s a popular spot for the locals, especially during winter as it’s the best place to see snow. For that reason, it really gets crowded on weekends between December and February. In this post,  I will show you hiking in Mt Hehuan, which in my opinion is the best way to explore the best of the beautiful mountain.

Mt Hehuan road

Best of Mt Hehuan (合歡山)

Mt Hehuan has seven peaks in total. At over 3000 meters, it is located in central Taiwan, on the western edge of Taroko National Park. The area is characterized by rolling green hills that often disappear in a sea of clouds. The weather is much cooler and provides a nice break from the heat if you are travelling in summer like us.

Mt Hehuan entrance

The road is generally empty and is easy to drive. As we didn’t have time to go for hard-core hiking, we chose the easy trail – the Main Peak. The trail is also the most popular trail among all as it is not a difficult climb, and the view it offers is just stunning. Allow yourself around 2 hours for a return trip.

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Mt Hehuan view

Mt Hehuan leap

Best of Mt Hehuan- At the top of the “world”

Mt Hehuan means mountain of harmonious joy in Chinese. And you will totally experience this joy when you reach the top. When we were there, the sun was super bright and the sky was vibrantly blue, forming a stark contrast with the passing white clouds.

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Mt Hehuan sky

Mt Hehuan photo

Mt Hehuan peak

The height of the main mountain is 3416 meters. At the top, the actual scenery is far more beautiful than a photo can depict. You really should pay a visit by yourself to enjoy the spectacular view and feel the sense of joy.

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Best of Mt Hehuan – Itinerary at a glance:

  • Mt Hehuan (Free Admission)
  • Hiking Trails
    • The Main Peak (3416 meters, 2-hr round trip)
      This trail is good for people who want to enjoy some hike. This is also the most popular trail among all.
    • Hehuan Jian Shan (3217m, 45-min round trip)
      If you’re pressed by time or if hiking is not your thing, but you still want to “get high”, then this short and easy (but steep) walk is for you.
    • Hehuan North Peak (3422m, 3.5-hr round trip)
      If you have more time to spare, this trail may be the right one for you. It ascends the southeast ridge and presents no real difficult challenge except a short exposed section right at the beginning.
    • Hehuan West Peak (3145m, 8-hr round trip)
      Are you ready for a challenge? You better be! The west peak is a very long trail and you should only attempt it if you’re in good shape.

Best of Mt Hehuan – Transportation:

  • The best way to visit Mt Hehuan is to travel by your own vehicle. Taking bus is simply time consuming and the bus stops are very far away from the mountain. It takes about 3 hours to drive from Taichung to Mt Hehuan. And it takes about the same time to get to Hualien from Mt Hehuan. By the way, if you want to visit Taroko National park, you should definitely pay a visit to Hualien as they are very close to each other. I will cover my trip to Hualien in another post. 🙂