About Miya

Hey there, my name is Miya and I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be two years ago, which is a great thing. In 2015, I went to grad school, eventually earning my MBA in non-profit management with the expectation that I would get a job at some fabulous social justice non-profit, and work there until I eventually opened one of my own.


However, my time in grad school made me realize that I didn’t want to enter into the non- profit industrial complex. I was more interested in creating a fulfilling work environment, one that included flexible hours and the ability to travel as much as I desired.

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After graduation, I packed up my apartment, put my stuff in storage, and did some serious outreach to create a client list that has allowed me to work as a freelance editor and writer. I now consider myself to be a digital nomad, traveling around from place to place with nothing but a carry-on bag and my laptop.

travel with others miya

The social justice advocate is still in me, and I love connecting with like-minded people and supporting organizations and causes I believe in, even while on the road. The mindset has pushed me into being an advocate for conscious travel, where I encourage people to learn more about the local culture and history of every place they visit while
simultaneously giving back to their host community.

I love connecting with fellow travelers and digital nomads, so feel free to reach out to me via Instagram @buppieditbonsoir.