1. Elaine J Masters

    That does look fantastic and a great family excursion. Interesting contrasts with some of the American cruises but fun either way. That zipline though!!!

  2. megan_claire

    Oh wow, 9 long weekends – that’s awesome! It’s funny how you don’t realize until you actually spell it out! A Genting Dream Cruise sounds like a fabulous way to spend a long weekend – I love that they have short cruise options; we recently went on a 12 N cruise and the actual ship was the best part! The rooms are beautiful and I love how there are so many cool activities for the big kids at heart! I always look at kids playgrounds and want to join too lol so it’s awesome that they have adults sections for the waterpark. Love it, thanks for the review!

  3. Kenny T.K. Chow

    I would typically say no to cruise trips because I could feel the ship swings during my sleep and then I got sea sick.
    As I know the cruises design is now much improved and I think I might be a little bit more convinced to give it a go. Thanks for sharing with us your experience! @ knycx.journeying

  4. I didn’t know that big cruise ships do long week-end trips as well. I never went on a cruise for less than 7 days, but I guess 3-4 days would work better. Genting Dream Cruise seem to have some fun itineraries. The cabins look great too, so thanks for recommending this cruise line.

  5. We have the Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal about a hour drive from our house. We should definitely look into some cruise options for long weekends. The ropes course on the water looked like a lot of fun. Our last cruise had mini-golf and the rolling seas made it hard to put straight. I wonder how that would affect our climbing? We did purchase the premium wi-fi and were very disappointed. I think we will need to manage our expectation of connectivity so we don’t tax the bandwidth we are given.

    • Nope we didn’t have any problem with the sea, maybe becoz the area is relatively calm in malaysia and singapore. Yeah I didn’t bother about premium wifi as i think it’s too expensive. 🙂

      • We were on a slow boat from Long Beach / LA to Ensenada Mexico. The boat was going too slow to cut through the waves and the seas were high that day too. I have heard the this is a bad combination from cruise experts so I’m willing to give it another go.

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