Little Corn Island Blog – A True Caribbean Experience

Little Corn Island Blog beach

I was traveling the Pacific Coast side of Nicaragua, and missed the turquoise waters and cooler breezes of the Caribbean. So I jumped on a tiny air plane and took an impromptu flight across the country to the tiny Corn Islands. And this impromptu decision is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I hope that through this Little Corn Island blog, you’ll be inspired to make the little island your next travel destination.

Little Corn Island Blog beach

Little Corn Island Blog – Where Is It?

A speck in the Caribbean Sea about 50 miles off the coast of Nicaragua. Little Corn is only about 1.5 square miles in size but it is bursting with character.

Little Corn Island Blog – When Is The Best Time To Go?

Nicaragua has two seasons, wet and dry. The rainy season is from around mid May to late November with the dry season being from December to May. September and October usually have the most beautiful dry weather and calmer seas.

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Little Corn Island Blog – Best Things To Do?

  • Take Part in Sea Activities

Being a tropical island, most activities are connected with the sea. Little Corn Island is home to some of the best dive and snorkel spots in the world and offers night time dive experiences too. Deep Sea fishing and yoga are also popular choices.

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  • Relax in a Hammock

If you ask me, relaxing in a hammock and exploring the island was my favoured way of passing time on Little Corn. You’ll be guaranteed some laughs and good vibes when talking to the locals and English is widely spoken.

  • Eat Lobsters

Lobsters are a major part of the local economy, if you are there between June to March make the most of fresh lobster and seafood barbeques on the beach.

  • Check out Derek’s Place

On the North of the island about a 15 minute walk from town, is Derek’s Place. Here you will find rustic boutique beach huts right on the beach, simple pleasures. You bathe from cold water out of a barrel in your open air bathroom….island castaway feels at it’s best! A highly recommended experience.

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Little Corn Island Blog – How Much Does It Cost?

Nicaragua is a fairly cheap country to travel. The flight from Managua to the Corn Islands was reasonably priced and an unavoidable expense. US dollars are widely accepted.

If you want to experience a true Caribbean island experience Little Corn is it. Accessible only by boat from Corn Island which can sometimes be a rough ride. No cars, no shoes, no crowds, no worries! While traveling extensively through Central America, Little Corn Island was one of my most treasured locations.

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