Lianne Brozo

Lianne Bronzo

Who’s Lianne Brozo?


Hi. I’m Lianne Brozo, a Korean-American adoptee but I always thought I was just American. Until I went abroad.

I started my blog to document my first travels abroad upon graduating university in 2010. My best friend and I took a backpack and gallivanted around Thailand before I went to Korea solo, the first time being back since I was sent to America as an infant. That summer sparked a deep yearning for me to return to Korea and attempt to understand all of the confusion I experienced.

Her Story: Cool Things To Do In Korea Part 1

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In 2012, I reunited with my birth family. We didn’t know anything about each other for 24 years until I got an important letter. It turns out my birth family wanted to find me, too. So, I went to Korea and met them. It’s more complicated than that.

People express interest in my story and luckily, I am pretty open about it. It isn’t always easy being an adoptee, let alone in Korea. So I want to use this as a platform to safely share my experiences.

Meaningful Travel on a Budget

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Since September 2015, my boyfriend, Adam, and I have been traveling slowly in India and Southeast Asia. We seek to immerse ourselves with the local community through CouchSurfingvolunteering, and housesitting. We’re rich in experiences but still maintaining a $15 a day budget. I have a whole bunch of tips on how you can also travel full-time in Asia while paying less than rent in most U.S. cities alone! Yes, we even manage to spend less than $20 average per day while traveling in Australia!

We’re currently working on a new website to share travel stories and real conversations with real humans on important issues. The project is in its infancy now, but you can check it out: