Langkawi Adventure: Everything Else But Beach

Langkawi Adventure

Langkawi Adventure

Langkawi, aka the Jewel of the Malaysian state Kedah, is a beautiful island located in the Andaman Sea (West side of Malaysia). What do we usually associate with islands? Well there’s obviously the sea, white, sandy beaches, coconut trees, and Tom Hanks. But what if I tell you that you can enjoy this beautiful island for a whole weekend without sun bathing or swimming even once? Find it unbelievable? Then let me convince you young Padawan… Here’s the Langkawi adventure you should embark on.

Langkawi Adventure 1 – Seven Wells Waterfall

Seven Wells Waterfall is in the North West of the island. Before you go, make you pack some food and drinks, as it’s gonna be a full day of adventure. Once reached, you will need to hike a while to get to the waterfalls. Keep walking all the way straight up until you reach the Seven Wells. Ignore the left turn for now. Apart from the stunning view, it’s serious fun up there. You can relax, refresh and dip into the water or (best part of it all) slide down the rocks smoothed by the rushing water.

Langkawi Adventure waterslide

After your butt is sore, it’s time to make your way down again. Before you head all the way back to get to your bike, take the turn you ignored on your way up. It will lead you to an actual waterfall. Beautiful to look at and another opportunity to take a dip or a truly Instagrammable picture. I am not saying you should spend a whole day here but you can easily dwell for a couple of hours. Head to Cenang to get food afterwards.

Langkawi Adventure waterfall

Langkawi Adventure 2 – Langkawi SkyCab

The SkyCab is one of the main attractions on the island. Located on the west coast, you can easily reach the cable car by bike or car. The ride itself is already a little adventure but once you reach the tops (they have two levels) you will be amazed by the stunning views and fresh breeze blowing through your hair.

Langkawi Adventure cable car

The day we went up it was a bit cloudy and we ended up literally standing in the middle of a cloud. We could basically taste the rain-impregnated cloud. Despite the lacking view, it was still a big thumbs-up experience.

Langkawi Adventure cable car haze

Langkawi Adventure 3 – Langkawi Gliders

Last but not least, a truly different experience. We were planning to do Paragliding at Langkawi and I engaged “Langkawi Gliders“ for their professional service. We didn’t know that Paragliding wasn’t possible that day due to the strong winds. But we were even more surprised to see a little Go-kart with a propeller on its back getting ready. Mowgli, the Swiss-German-Austrian, World-Nomad by choice (I hope I can call him that way) is a very laid-back dude who seems to know and love what he’s doing. He explained that due to the winds it was not possible or too dangerous to do Paragliding, that was why we would Parakopter instead (or Paramotor, I don’t know) – what a surprise!

Langkawi Adventure go-kart

The experience in one sentence? Go-kart in heaven basically. You will be around 100m up high and cruise around the island. I don’t have to mention the views and sporadic adrenaline boosts (especially during take-off). Can’t wait to experience it yourself? I’d say go and visit the guys from Langkawi Gliders and have a memorable trip!

Langkawi Adventure go-kart in heaven

Langkawi Adventure 4 – Hit the Beach (Just a little…)

I admit, I lied when I told you I didn’t go to the beach at all. We went once. At night, for food and Shisha. That’s it! Ok, I might have dipped my feet into the water… I swear there wasn’t more!

Yes, the beaches are beautiful but the island has much more to offer! Enjoy Langkawi Adventure to its fullest!

Langkawi Adventure beach

Final Thoughts from Chloe

I’ve heard so much about the Langkawi beach, but exploring other attractions have never crossed my mind. Now that Flâneur shared his journey, I was in awed. The Seven Wells Waterfall is so peaceful and fun at the same time. The Sky Go-Kart is another one of the kind. I can’t wait to explore Langawi in Flâneur’s way. How about you?

If you want to find out more about Flâneu and his adventure, check out his blog and biography here. 🙂