Khaleelah Jones


Who Am I?

I’m Khaleelah (Ka-lee-la). I’m originally from the suburbs of Washington, DC, but after graduating from university, I moved to Denver, then London, then NYC, then back to Denver, then back to London. Yes, I know, sounds exhausting. I couldn’t really decide where I wanted to end up! But London is the best city in the world and I’m happy here for now.

Originally, I started my blog Careful Feet when I left Denver (the first time) as I embarked to live in France for a few months, and then settle in London. I wanted a place to process all my experiences, and share them with friends and family. Now, the blog has grown to be a travel blog, where I chronicle my experiences here, there and everywhere I roam.

What I Do?

I’m a writer first and foremost. Writing is, even after everything I’ve experienced in life, my ultimate passion. I work as a freelance consultant for several startups and small businesses. I typically help with business development and/or marketing. I also teach at the University of Bristol, and do some research as history is an interest that I often explore and write about.

In addition to writing and teaching, I love all things travel, history, reading, Francophone, yoga and my friends. I've been to over 35 countries, and hopes to go to many more.

Follow me on Instagram @KhaleelahEJones or Twitter @khaleelahjones.