1. Anf Braybrooke

    Fantastic blog and definitely somewhere to bare in mind whenever I manage to make it to Japan. I’ve read about Japan’s beauty before, but had never paid too much attention to this region.

  2. Mike C

    Japan is such an unknown quantity to me, but I’m loving this travel guide. Todaiji (Great Eastern Temple) looks fantastic.

  3. Rachel Pearson

    I have heard of Osaka, mainly because of the castle and its citadels and moats. I would absolutely LOVE to see it during cherry blossom season! I can imagine how pretty and romantic is it there!

  4. megan_claire

    So much to do in Kansai, this is one of my favorite regions in Japan – Osaka and Kyoto compete for my favorite city, and if you’re traveling with a family (or young at heart adults) you can’t beat USJ!!

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