Jeremy Teo

Who Am I?


I am a lens addict and a photography enthusiast. I enjoy photographing everyday objects. Being a visual person, I like to create a mental frame to anything and everything. Through this process, I learnt to see. At times, friends question me regarding my work. Why photograph a spoon, matchstick or paperclip when you can shoot beautiful scenic views of mountains and valleys. The key to photography lies not in what we look at but what we see. It is this differentiation that sets apart one photographer from another. Apply this to theory and you will discover that it does not merely apply to visual perception of things in general but also a mental framework of one’s behavior and personality.


If you can photograph a kitchen utensil and create life and meaning in ways that have never been imagined, then you have succeeded. Over the years, I have been scrutinizing human behavior and their visual and emotional response towards certain situations in everyday life. It has enabled me to create a visual interpretation of human emotion through the use of inanimate objects. I’m honored that 3 of my photographs have made it to the National Geographic’s Daily Dozen page, where selection is made from 12,000 submissions daily.

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