1. No joke, Jeju sounds amazing and it would definitely take more than 3 days for me to enjoy all of that. I kept saying whoa in every point of your itineraries. From the Seongsan Ilchulbong crater to the Hedge Maze to the Submarine Adventure, I would love to explore all of that. I would definitely want to explore the underground Lava tube. How cool is that!

  2. Kenny T.K. Chow

    Jeju Island is the backyard of South Korea and it has beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing with us about the itinerary! @ knycx.journeying

  3. Jeju Island looks beautiful. Your vlog is amazing, the aerial shots are superb (maybe I should consider getting a drone…). Whole place looks very picturesque, I love the waterfall and Oedolgae, the cliff formations are very nice.
    When I make it to South Korea I’ll definitely want to visit Jeju Island and follow your itinerary, it’s great! The submarine tour looks very unique even if it is a bit overpriced, I haven’t seen things like that anywhere else.

  4. megan_claire

    Jeju Island does indeed sound stunning! Which is awesome because we had moved South Korea off the list of upcoming destinations because we’re more nature than city people. But sounds like some truly stunning nature experiences outside of Seoul. Thanks for the heads up on the IDP, and for the need to book a GPS – we usually navigate off Google maps lol so that would’ve been a shock!

    So much beautiful nature here – Seongsan Ilchungbong is a stunning peak, and would love to spend some time in the maze park and Manjanggul Lava Cave. The waterfall, the submarine tour – sounds like there’s so much cool stuff to do! Thanks for sharing your tips!

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