Italy – a Great Gastromic Getaway for Any Real Food Fan

Can you see yourself sampling authentic Roman pizza this summer? Or discovering how carbonara should really taste – in Calabria?

It sounds tempting, we know – our mouths are watering already.  So we’ll stop all of that now and come back to it later.

And in the meantime, let’s talk adventure…

So why should a gastronome choose an Italian getaway?

Whenever you travel to Italy, you’re guaranteed a great gastronomic experience – so it’s the perfect holiday destination for a foodie.

Italy’s reputation as a country packed full with delicious delicacies is not only well known – but really deserved.  And this italian love affair begins long before the kitchen or table – it starts in the fields, vineyards, forests and rivers.

The range of delicious foods on offer there reflects the diversity of its landscape.  From a cool chic minestrone di milanese in the north – to everyone’s full flavoured southern favourite – calzone.  When you eat here you really get the true flavour of each region – and recipes reflect different landscapes and climates.

Food’s more than fuel – it’s a whole way of life

Food is more than fuel to an Italian – it’s a whole way of life.  You can taste the love, care and attention that’s taken with their cooking in every flavoursome mouthful. And even the most simple, straightforward street food’s delicious!. So there’s plenty on offer, even when you’re travelling on a budget.

Food’s also deeply embedded in the culture – and there are great culinary festivals held in each corner of the country.  Whenever you visit – and whichever region you decide on – you’re sure to encounter some kind of ‘gastro-centric’ celebration.

Where should you start your first foodie journey?

You’ll get really immersed in the country and its cuisine wherever you choose – but which part of Italy is the best to begin with?  We mentioned some northern and southern dishes above – but a good place to start is right there in the centre. 

It’s a place where two different cultures collide and there are all kinds of travel options, including both high end – and budget accommodation.

But the best way to make the most of the experience there – as a foodie – is to join an organised tour led by people with real local knowledge.  

A Tuscany Tour is a real gastronomic adventure

Tuscany Tours take you on a proper gastronomic adventure –  where you can sample the real way of life in the region.  It’s an unforgettable journey for any food enthusiast – and the tours capture the true essence and flavour of Tuscany.  You’ll even visit the very olive groves and vineyards that your food and wine comes from.

It’s a fascinating insight into the heart of Italian culture – and a real slice of life in this beautiful region.

So if you’re a real gastronome who’s planning a getaway – why not pick Italy as your next destination?  You’ll have a great time exploring the culture of this beautiful country – and sample great tasting food at the same time.

Happy travelling…