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Looking for some Indonesia travel tips? Indonesia is a stunning country in the heart of Asia and one which is made up over 17000 islands.If you are looking for somewhere a little different to go for your holiday this year, Indonesia can be an amazing place and with the vast islands on offer you’ll never run out of amazing things to do during your stay. Speaking of things to do, here are some of our suggestions for ways to spend your time while on holiday and ways that you can make the most of this wonderful country.

Indonesia Travel Tips 1 – Try great coffee

If you decide to stay in rumah dijual di semarang in Java during your Indonesian holiday you will be able to visit some of the coffee plantations which the area is best known for and drink some of the freshest coffee you have ever drank. Coffee is one of the biggest exports from Indonesia and as such you should be able to enjoy some really great and uniquely flavoured varieties during your vacation.

Tips 2 – Find Paradise

When it comes to finding a paradise on earth, you would struggle to get much closer than this beautiful country. During your stay you should take the time to visit Bali and Sumatra and see some of the most bio-diverse jungles and areas in the whole world. It is incredibly beautiful in Indonesia and a large chunk of the islands which make up this country haven’t even been explored and tampered with by humans before. Because of this it is always a great place for you to visit to truly escape from the real world for a short time.  

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Indonesia Travel Tips 3 –  Swim with Jellyfish

Yes, we know it sounds crazy, but hear us out. Jellyfish might be a little bit dangerous at times and some can be lethal when they sting, however this isn’t the case for all Jellyfish, and as long as you are careful you can enjoy being up close and personal with these animals with no real danger. If you head to the island of Kakaban and dive into the lake, you will be able to swim amongst a host of brightly coloured jellyfish and it will feel like you have entered a whole new world.

indonesia travel tips jelly fish

Tips 4 –  Meet the Dragons

Although you won’t be fac to face with a Hungarian Horntail (for all you Harry Potter fans) or any of the dragons from Game of Thrones, you can meet the real world equivalent and be able to see these stunning creatures in their natural habitat once and for all. In Komodo National Park the whole landscape is dedicated to these beautiful animals and you will be able to see these modern day dinosaurs walking round and it will be a surreal and amazing experience.

Indonesia Travel Tips 5 –  The Nyepi festival

In march every year you will be able visit Bali and take part in one of the weirdest festivals in the world. The Nyepi Festival is a festival which brings you a whole day of silence. Not even airports are open in this day and you will hear no noise whatsoever in the landscape around you apart from of course birds and animals. The night before this silent day is filled with banging of drums and fire and flames which are there to scare off evil spirits. It is a unique experience and definitely one to put on your bucket list.

Tips 6 –  Eat Nasi Goreng

As we know most parts of the world have their own special dishes which are staples in their cuisine. Nasi Goreng is a rice dish which is very popular in Indonesia and it is one which is super cheap and can be found on most markets and eating establishments. This is tasty and simple food and it is a good idea to grab a bite while you are out shopping on a hot day.

Indonesia Travel Tips 7 – The Homo Floresiensis

If you have a passion for science and history Indonesia, can allow you to take a look at some small early human which existed around 12000 years ago. The Homo Floresiensis were small human creatures who lived in the area of the Liang Bua cave in Indonesia and were discovered in 2003. For any science enthusiast this is something which is a unique and a super incredible experience for you this year.

Tips 8 – Visit Bali

You will likely have hear of Bali in the past and it is one of the most popular places to head for a holiday in the whole world. Bali is a stunning island which contains stunning waterfalls, treks, trails, beaches and coffee plantations to boot. It is a place which is well worth a visit and you’ll finally be able to really see what the fuss is all about.

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Indonesia Travel Tips 9 – Visit Borobudur temple

If you have always loved the idea of immersing yourself with other cultures and religions to boot, a great place to visit is the largest Buddhist temple in the whole world. Borobudur Temple is a wonderful and spiritual place to visit and it can be one of the most amazing sites you will visit during your stay in Indonesia. When here you’ll be able to marvel in the architecture of the temple and also see how Buddhists pray and enjoy their own temples.

Indonesia Travel Tips temple
Tips 10 –  Discover ‘colour changing’ lakes

Ever seen a lake change colour? Well, the National Park in Dieng Plateau will allow you to see a lake which changes colours throughout the day. It is a sight which you really need to see to believe and it is one which you’ll want to take photos of for your Instagram feed!  During the day if you can leave the house early and head there for sunrise, it will show you the most beautiful view you’ve ever seen.

Indonesia is a beautiful country with a whole wealth of things for you to see and do. Whether you decide to scuba dive within coral reefs, see Sumatran Tigers and Orangutans, or simply enjoy a yoga retreat on a secluded island… this is a great place to be and will definitely be worth your time this year.

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