How to travel with a dog… It can be done!

Ever dream of traveling with a dog? Depending on your dog and how well trained you are with your dog, it really can be easy to travel with your furry friend mostly everywhere. Kiba, our husky is our travel companion. She goes where we go. We have been on road trips across the country and now we are Mexico enjoying the cuddles on a daily basis. Sometimes it has been tough, but never with regret. In this article, you’ll know everything about how to travel with a dog. And guess what, it can really be done!


How to travel with a dog?

There are real factors to put into place before thinking about taking your pets with you on your travel. For example, our husky is a service dog, so that means she can travel on the plane with us. If you have a small dog you can travel with them on board with you, but otherwise, they go below.

There are many dangers in putting your dogs under the cabin. There is no regulations on temperatures and many dogs cannot handle the heat and time below (there has been cases of death due to the lack of regulations). That is the most dangerous part of traveling and probably the one factor to really investigate before taking your animals abroad with you.


Some factors to ponder:

1. Each country has specific regulations and security protocol for animals. Check where you are going and make sure it isn’t a country that requires your animal to be quarantined before you can leave the airport. Also make sure to bring all necessary documents before flying.

2. Think about your pet’s diet and what may be difficult to find in another country. For example, we brought an awesome powder probiotic to add to our dogs food to help with her digestion.

3. You may need to change diets when you change locations. For example, Kiba was raw, but when she moved to Mexico she will only eat her meat cooked. She became picky with all the new smells and needed a change for comfort.


4. Find places that allow your dog to play and run and get plenty of exercise. It’s important to still find the routines with your animal in your temporary new home.

5. Consistency is key with any animal. So try as much as possible to keep whatever you can consistent in their life. This is how they will take change more easily and adjust quicker.

6. If they have a favorite toy, treat, or blanket bring it!


7. Remember you won’t be able to take a weekend away without thinking about your pet and you don’t have the same support network until you are situated in a new space. Airbnb rocks for this reason and many others, there is always pet friendly places. Mexico is extremely dog friendly. Pets are allowed in most restaurants in San Miguel de Allende, where we are, and taxis even take her with us too! (If you haven’t signed up for Airbnb, you can do so here and get a $30 travel credits.)

8. Last but not least, think about what you will be doing on your travels and if having a dog or pet will be conducive to the experience and be honest about it to yourself. A dog may not have clothes, but they add weight to your bags and carry-ons. Be ready for a workout the day of traveling!

Kiba has found new friends and we moved near a park that has other dogs playing there all the time. We will not be bringing her to Thailand for our three months of study due to the fact we will be studying intensely and not be able to be consistent nor have much luggage. This is the only time however, she will not be with us on our travels. So before you decide you cannot travel because of your pets do some research and really think about it. There is always a way and with determination it can be done.


I hope this has been a helpful summary for you to think about if you were considering traveling with your loved furry friend.

Final thoughts from Chloe

I have a dog too but I’ve never brought him (his name is Toby!) to overseas before, mainly because all the hassles and problems involved. But Brook Woolf has shown us that it’s actually possible to travel with our beloved pets, as long as we are willing to take the extra miles. If you want to create wonderful memories with your furry friends, follow Brook’s advice!

If you want to find out more about Brook and her work, check out her biography and follow her journey to explore the world!