How to make money online during corona virus?

Becoz of coronavirus, many people lost their jobs, unemployment rate is increasing all over the world. But do you know that you can still make money online during corona virus? If you want to find out how I made more than more than $2000 dollars in just a day, using my simple 4-step system, then keep on reading!

I know a lot of you must be in a difficult situation right now. The economy is slowing down, everyone is avoiding going out, and for some of you, your job or businesses have been impacted badly! To address this rising concern, that’s why I decided to dedicate this episode to share with you my 4 step system, in how to make money online during this coronavirus.

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I know there have been many channels teaching you how to make money online such as drop shipping, e-commerce or affiliate marketing. I know each of them can work. In fact, I have a friend May who has been generating more than 4 figures a month just from drop shipping, which is more than her full time job income as a property agent! That’s why she quit her job and is now doing drop shipping full time. You can check out her course here.

But today I’m not talking about drop shipping or e-commerce, as I prefer making money passively by doing the work once and then let the money coming in passively without doing much. And the secret is, launching your own online course!

But you wait wait, you must be thinking, I am not good at anything, how can I launch a course to teach someone else? The truth is, you are a lot more talented than you think, and you have a lot more knowledge to share than you think. Why do I say that? Imagine if you are a parent and you have kids. You definitely have a lot more knowledge on how to handle kids, or what food should a kid eat to stay healthy, compared to other people like me, who have no children at all. So you can do a course on parenting, or you can also teach people how to raise healthy babies.

Same thing goes to May. She may not be the world’s richest or most famous drop shipping master. But she makes good money like at least 4 figures a month even though she is a stay-home mum, using her own DROP system. That’s why people are willing to learn from her as she seems a lot more relatable.

And for myself, I have a e-course teaching people how to travel the world for free, by just simply following my ABC system. And on the first day of launching my course, I made more than $2000 dollars, even though I am not famous nor do I have a lot of followers. Still, a lot of people bought my course as they have been following me on social media, and they see me as a travel expert who knows how to get sponsored traveling. If you want to find out exactly what my ABC system is and how you can start implementing it right away to get sponsored travel, I have a 1-hour masterclass right here, sharing with you all my secrets. 🙂

So I hope you can see by now that, you don’t need to be the best before you can teach, you just need to be better. And all you need to do next to share you knowledge online. And once you have your first online course, think of it as a property. It can create passive income for you as long as you don’t take it down. That’s why many people are able to generate passive income even after 5 years since they created the course.

And the best part about e-course is, it’s an ever growing industry. In fact, research shows that “E Learning” reached $107 Billion in 2015 and it will triple to $325 Billion by 2025. And with the spread of coronavirus, people are avoiding physically classes, instead they go online for upgrade and further education. If your online course does well, you can potentially make 4-5 figures a month just by sharing your skills and knowledge, isn’t that awesome?

Now let’s continue, after deciding on what to teach, you need to host your course onto a platform. You can choose platforms like Udemy or Skills Share, basically they are websites like a market place for e-course. The best thing is, both of them are super easy to use, and you can upload your course easily in 30 minutes. And they even do marketing and help to promote your course. However, they do take a huge commission. For example, Udemy takes a hefty of 50% if you host your course there, and they help you to promote your course. And for skillsshare, users pay a monthly subscription and can watch as many courses as possible, and authors are paid based on watch time. If you want to be totally hands-off and you don’t mind earning less, these 2 platforms are great to start off.

However, if you want to earn 90% of the revenue or more, then you should consider teachable. But in return, you will need to pay a monthly subscription of about $25 a month. However, it’s totally worth it if you know how to market your own e-course and that’s how I launched my course teaching people how to travel for free and made $2000 on the first day.

If you want to learn more about how can you launch a successful e-course that can earn you at least 4-figure per month, do subscribe to my channel right now and hit the notification bell, as next week I will be sharing with you how you can pre-launch your course and make money first, before even creating your course content. Becoz that’s exactly how I did it for my first online course, teaching people how to travel for free. I sold my e-course course and collected $2000 on the first day, before I even went to produce my first lecture! If you want to learn the secrets behind it, then subscribe to my channel and hit the notification button right now.


After putting your courses on the respective platform, the next thing you need to do is market it and drive traffic to it, so that more people can go to your course page and make purchases! This is properly the step that requires the most effort, as you need to build up your online presence. But trust me, once you gets this step correctly, you can literally make money even though you are sleeping!

If you are interested to find out how you can build up your presence online and drive traffic to your course without paying a single cent on advertisement, comment “online presence” below and I will make a video on that just for you!

So here’s what you need to do to start making money online even during coronavirus.

  1. Decide what you intend to teach
  2. Create an online course
  3. Host it on a platform
  4. Drive traffic to your course

If you find this article helpful, remember to share it with your friends. With that, I wish you have a great week ahead and see you next week!