How to Choose a Hotel

how to choose a hotel pool

Nothing beats bargain accommodation and being correct in how to choose a hotel when we go away. Whether you’re on a budget or are simply trying to keep costs down, the chances are that you’ve already spent a fair amount of time looking around for the best bargains available here. You may even have booked up already to ensure you bag yourself some early bird deals.

The trouble is that not all cheap hotel rooms are as good value for money as they seem. Too often, travelers get stung, even when they think they’ve found the best choices available. That’s because room prices aren’t always what they seem upfront. Something as simple as some clever wording can you see you falling short of the bargains you thought you were signing up for. Equally, things not included in your hotel room could see you spending more than you might have.

Before you commit to that bargain of the century, then, it’s worth asking whether you’re about fall foul to the following.

Photo by Eunice Stahl on Unsplash

How to Choose a Hotel Tip 1 – No meals included with your room

Not getting breakfast for the price of your room is a significant risk factor when you book a hotel. At the time, it may not seem like an issue. You can always buy in or eat out, after all. The trouble is that, over a week, buying your breakfasts could see you spending upwards of $70. When you stick that amount on the end of your hotel bill, it doesn’t seem like such a steal, does it? That bargain room for your Jonesboro trip could suddenly look pretty pricey. By comparison, options like this hotel near Grambling State University offer a complimentary breakfast for every guest. We know which choice we would prefer.

How to Choose a Hotel Tip 2 – You have to pay extra for everything

It’s also worth checking, before you book, how much of your room is actually included in that initial price. If a room seems too cheap to be true, there’s a risk that it is. That’s because many sneaky companies manage to find ways to make you pay more. In some cases, you’ll need to pay extra for everything from a hair dryer to safe access. You may even find that you need to pay for things like room cleaning. In some cases, it may even be necessary to actively opt out to avoid extra costs. If these additions are expensive enough, your cheap room could fast start to look anything but.

How to Choose a Hotel Tip 3 – There are better options in the area

Even those of us who take care to search for cheap rooms may jump at the chance for what we consider a bargain. The trouble with doing so is that there may be even better options out there. Never settle for what you consider a reasonable price until you’ve taken full account of all your choices. It may be that there are business-specific hotels which could see you cutting costs. You may even be able to find an Airbnb for a lot less. Never sign up until you’ve got a proper lay of the land.