Unforgettable Horse Riding Darwin Experience

Ever considering riding in Northern Territory? Go no further. Oakeydowns is the right place for you. I came across this amazing lodge as I was searching for cheap accommodation in near Litchfield National Park, and I was lucky to be able to find Oakeydowns. Apart from being extremely affordable ($77 AUD per night for a clean and sweet double bedroom), the place is able to provide horse riding Darwin. And the best is, it’s situated in the outback territory, making you feel like you are really living your horse man dream!

Horse Riding Darwin-oakey-downs

Horse Riding Darwin – Oakeydowns

I always wanted to learn horse riding but I never had the opportunity. So my eyes immediately opened wide when I saw Oakeydowns. And I was happy that I made the reservation, as the place was far amazing than I ever expected. Once you enter Oakeydowns, you’ll be amazed how tranquil the environment is. And since it’s a staple, you are going to see a lot of horses! Most of the time, the horses are very relaxed and busy eating their food.

Horse Riding Darwin-oakey-downs-horse

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Horse Riding Darwin – Beginner Horse Riding Lessons Near Darwin

Before our lesson began, the lodge owner Sue helped us to choose our gears and the horses. In order to let us experience different types of saddles, Sue chose one English saddle and one Western saddle. According to her, English saddle is more for leisure and relaxed riding, while Western saddle can go for competitive races.

Horse Riding Darwin-english-saddleEnglish saddle is for leisure riding.

Horse Riding Darwin-western-saddleWestern saddle is more for competitive racing.

As we were complete beginners, she and her colleague taught us the most basic commands, such as balancing, reversing, stopping and getting the horse to move in a certain direction.

Horse Riding Darwin-balancingLearning balancing on the horses. We were standing by the way.

Although commands seem rather easy and intuitive, it gets quite hard when you are on a horse. My horse Lucy was very energetic, so she moved very fast and it was rather hard to control. On the other hand, my boyfriend Calvin got a very slow horse. It was easy to control but it wasn’t too exciting. So if you have any preference on the speed of the horse, do let Sue know.

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Horse Riding Darwin-ride

If you are already a skillful rider, you can even ride the horses yourself without any supervision. Explore nearby field and enjoy your ride! What’s even better, the price is the same as the horse riding lesson which is $60 per hour, and you’ll have all the freedom to yourself!

Watch the video below for amazing riding demonstration by Sue and her colleague.

[ms_youtube link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFW8a8xi47o&feature=youtu.be” width=”100%” height=”100%” mute=”no” autoplay=”no” loop=”no” controls=”yes” class=”” id=””][/ms_youtube]

Horse Riding Darwin – Lovely Suite

Another reason why I love Oakeydowns is it has a huge and lovely suite. We didn’t stay in the suite as it was too expensive for us ($220 AUD per night). But for people who love to enjoy luxury in the wild, this suite is perfect for you. Look at how gorgeous the room is! And the kitchen and bathroom are beautiful too!

Horse Riding Darwin-lodge

Horse Riding Darwin-lodge-bed

Overall we really enjoyed our stay here. Sue was extremely friendly and helpful, and the room was clean and comfortable. What’s more, we had so much learning horse riding!