Hong Kong Food Guide 101

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Hong Kong may be unfamiliar to people living outside Asia, as it is an ant-sized city which is not even recognizable on the world map. But boy, Hong Kong is a food heaven! Those who have heard of it must know some of the reputations of Hong Kong. Hong Kong has been labeled as the New York of Asia, the meeting point of East and West, and even ‘the Pearl of the Orient’. Here’s the Hong Kong Food Guide and some of the travel tips I’ve gathered after living there for 10 years.

hong kong food guide

Hong Kong Food Guide 101

Hong Kong is also known as a ‘food paradise’. Dishes from all over the world can be found in Hong Kong. All the fusions you could ever think of could be found here, and of course, local Hong Kong food is a must-try too!

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From eggettes and fish balls that can be found in the streets, to dim sum in traditional Chinese restaurants and Hong Kong style milk tea in chachaanteng (Hong Kong style cafes) are the must-eat and must-go places!

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hong kong food guide street food

Hong Kong Travel Guide 101

Being a Year 10 student in Hong Kong, I can’t say I know a lot about this city. But at least I can tell you some of the places which seldom appear in travel books/websites, however, are indeed fabulous and amazing! If you’re visiting Hong Kong for a few days, I would recommend spending most of your time on Hong Kong Island.

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Besides the famous night view by the Victoria Harbour and the theme parks, if you like looking at the sea, Sai Wan would be a nice place as well! Recently I went to Sai Wan Swimming Shed and Instagram Pier (bc it’s instagrammable) and the view is absolutely stunning there! (esp during sunset) So do consider these places when you’re paying a visit to Hong Kong next time!

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And most importantly, they are opened 24/7 and free of charge to enter! (but I would prefer to go there in the afternoon as they are usually occupied in the morning.) Another choice would be hiking, there are a lot of famous hiking trails in Hong Kong, such as the Dragon’s Back, where you get to see the natural beauty of Hong Kong in a bird’s-eye view!

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Other Tips about Hong Kong

A little info for you all about Hong Kong. Most of the people in Hong Kong know English, at least some simple English for daily communication, so don’t be afraid at all to seek help from them when you encounter any difficulties. I’m sure they’ll answer you in a nice and friendly manner.

Lastly, Hong Kong has a relatively mild climate. But I would suggest visiting there during autumn or winter as the weather is cooler and less humid. In case you plan to visit Hong Kong, do put a big tick on your must-do list for shopping and eating. Being a duty-free city, all the shops in Hong Kong, from street stores to famous international brands, are free from tax! (well unless you buy a lot of wine and cigarettes?)

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About Cherine

I am currently a Year 10 student in Hong Kong and I’m definitely a wanderlust! Didn’t expect a lot at the beginning but just wanted to share some of the photos I took on my travel journey with others. So if you want to hear more from me (or anything about Hong Kong), check out the account @twothousandtwo managed by me and my friend! See you there!