Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung – Your Korean Dream Comes True

Seoul Hanbok Experience cover

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung cover

If you ever come to Seoul and you don’t try out the beautiful hanbok, you are missing out a lot. I’m serious. Hanbok is one of the best experience you can ever have in this metropolitan city enriched with history and culture. If you are still wondering whether you should spend the money to rent one for yourself, I’m here to convince you with my best Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung, and how your Korean drama dream can come true.

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung – Where to book?

I booked my 4-hr LUXURY HANBOK RENTAL package from Funko Funtastic Korea. One thing I really like about Funko Funtastic Korea is that it offers many different activities and coupons on its websites. You can basically find everything under one roof, from hanbok rental, discounted Everland tickets, to Seoraksan day tour. I shall talk about my amazing Seoraksan hiking trip next week.

funko Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung

The price for 4-hr rental is 17000 KWR ($16 USD), which is really worth it as 1-hr costs just $4. Although some shops offer shorter rental package such as 1-2 hours, I find that it’s not really worth it and it’s too rush. I bet you want to rent hanbok for photo taking purposes. You need time to walk around different attractions and take tons of photos. How can one to two hours be enough? ;p

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Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung – What’s it like?

Located right next to Gyeongbokgung, this Hanbok Rental shop provides beautiful hanbok in a wide variety of designs in the luxurious, clean and spacious store! Once you reach there, show them the email voucher you received from Funtastic Korea and your passport (yes, you must bring it along), and you can start choosing your favourite hanbok!

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung choose

As you can see, there are more than 100 sets of luxurious hanbok inside the store, so I did take a while to choose the best. After 20 mins or so, I finally decided on this beautiful pink/grey hanbok. Although each customer is entitled to trying out 2 sets, I made up my mind and picked this set right away, as it looked so good on me! Don’t you think so?

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung pink

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Hanbok experience won’t be completed without accessories. Once you put on your hanbok, you can move on to choosing your hair accessories.

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung hair

The hanbok package also includes hair styling. Unfortunately, my hair was too short to be styled. So I had no choice but to put on a hairband instead. Still, I look sweet…

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung accessory

I didn’t bother to get a handbag as another accessory as it’s troublesome to carry it around in my opinion. But you can rent one for free too.

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Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung – Traveling back in time

The best place to take photos while wearing hanbok is definitely inside traditional palaces! So once we stepped out of the shop, Calvin and I crossed the street and reached Gyeongbokgung, the most famous palace in Seoul. Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung is the main royal palace of the Joseon dynasty.
Tips: If you are wearing hanbok, admission to GyeongbokgungChanggyeonggungChangdeokgung and Deoksugung Palaces is free, while other visitors have to pay around 3000 KWR ($3 USD) to enter just one palace.

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung palance

Don’t be surprised if you see many other people wearing hanbok in Gyeongbokgung Palace. Seoul Hanbok Experience is taking a huge hit among Koreans and international travellers. Their presence actually makes the palace even more beautiful. It’s as you’ve stepped back in time…

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung SEOUL

We spent the next few hours walking around the palace while enjoying the autumn breeze. The trees turned magically gold. No matter which angle you take from, your photos will look perfect. In my opinion, autumn is really the best time to visit Korea. Many places around Seoul become even more astonishing as they turn gold. You can read my blog posts on Nami Island in autumn and Naejangsan Autumn Charm for best foliage watching in Korea.

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung

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Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung – Photo taking tips

I also came out with a few tips of photo taking at palaces to make your photos look even more breath-taking.

Tip 1 Use golden trees as a backdrop

During autumn, pathways around Korea are covered in a multitude of red, orange and yellow leaves, palaces are no exception. Grab the chance to take a photo under the golden ginko/maple trees with the historical palace wall at the back. It will make a perfect Instagram picture. If you want to see more amazing photos about Korea and around the world, follow me on Instagram now!

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung sweetness

Tip 2 Use contrasting colors

When wearing a bright red or pink colored skirt, take photos with blues and greens in the background. The two contrasting colors will give your photo that extra pop! What’s more, the gorgeous patterns of the gates are additional bonus to the photos!

Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung green gate

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Tip 3 Employ the surrounding buildings

A clever use of traditional buildings in your composition can really portray a feel of ancient times.

Seoul Hanbok Experience palace

Tip 4 Lean on the palace wall

Although the palace walls don’t have a vibrant colour, they portray a different kind of feel in the pictures.

Seoul Hanbok Experience wall

Tip 5 Deploy other props

I managed to find a wooden stick in one of the traditional Korean house. So I picked it up and pretended to be a fierce lady preventing people from intruding into my property. Lol

Seoul Hanbok Experience village

I had such an amazing and memorable day in Gyeongbokgung Palace. And I truly believe that without my hanbok on, the fun will be depleted by half. It’s really an experience of the lifetime. So next time when you visit Korea, remember to book your Seoul Hanbok Experience with Funko Funtastic Korea.

Seoul Hanbok Experience couple

In the meantime, watch the vlog I made for my Hanbok Experience Gyeongbokgung. Stay tuned to my hiking guide to Seoraksan, which is considered to be the most famous and beautiful mountain in Korea next week. 😊

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