Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London

Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London london bus

You’ve heard a lot about London, the centre of British history and culture, and the city of old world charm and ultra-modern sophistication. You just can’t wait to pack your luggage and go! But something is stopping you. You checked online and realised the air ticket is super expensive. Man, I know your plight. That’s why in this post I’m going to share with you a little guide to cheap air flights to London.

Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London

Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London: When Is the Cheapest Time to Go?

London is one of the top five travel destinations in the world. The most popular time to visit is in the spring when the temperatures are mild and London’s parks are green and blooming. As the weather gets better, the costs naturally get higher. Hotel and flight prices surge dramatically during this period.

Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London airplane

It’s the cheapest to visit London during the winter, which is from December to March. In fact, travel guru Rick Steves admits that those who brave the off-season are rewarded with a more “European Europe,” as the crowd is a lot thinner. However, Christmas in London is incredibly popular, so avoid the holiday season at all cost if you want to save money!

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Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London: Book Seven Weeks in Advance

When it comes to flights, booking way earlier doesn’t guarantee you a sweeter deal. According to Skyscanner, one of the comprehensive flight search engines, the best time to book a short-haul flight is seven weeks in advance. You should plan about 18 weeks in advance for long-haul destinations.

Depending on your starting point, you’ll need to calculate backward and plan accordingly. Don’t wait until the last second, but don’t book far in advance, either.

Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London calender

Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London: Book on Tuesday Afternoons

Believe it or not, Tuesday is the best day to go looking for cheap flights. By this point, most airlines will know if their weekend flights are fully booked. If they still have a lot of empty seats, this is when they tend to slash the prices and tell their subscribers. Keep your eyes peeled on Tuesday afternoons!


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Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London: Sign Up for Email Alerts

Most airlines inform their loyal customers about ticket sales via newsletter. That’s why you should sign up for your favorite airlines’ mailing lists and get notified immediately when they roll out great flight deals. When airline companies have too many vacancies, they often roll out last-minute ticket sales via newsletter.

Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London email

Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London: Use a Search Engine

Although there are a lot of flight search engines available, not all of them are equal. I personally like Skyscanner the most, as it’s a very user-friendly search engine. The interface is clean and straightforward, enabling you to spot and compare all the flight deals right away.

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Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London: What’s Next?

Once you’ve made up your mind and booked your flight, it’s time to start planning your trip! London has so many things to offer. Whether you’re looking for a great museum, delicious food, or breathtaking scenery, London has something for you. If you have 12 hours to spend in London or a whole week, you can build the ideal itinerary for your trip.

Guide to Cheap Air Flights to London london bus

If you’ve decided to travel during winter, remember to pack enough layered clothing with you. Also, bring an umbrella, hat, gloves, and waterproof shoes, as London is famous for its rain. Enjoy your trip and have fun!


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